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04 April 1:23 pm

The following story is in reference to Sirk's Notebook: Medeival Times.

‘Twas a night intended for glory. Two months into the epic anguish known as “preseason,” the figurative Black and Yellow Knights of Columbus desired an evening of majesty, excitement, and copious amounts of medieval fare. The greatest warriors of the lands convened in the mysterious realm known as Orlando. Little did the young squires know, this…was a night of fate and destiny.
With per diem weighing heavy in their pockets, the (figurative) Knights of Columbus felt the manly urge for meat and mead. After much deliberation and angst amongst themselves, it was determined that an evening watching the greatest warriors of any dinner show in the mysterious land of Orlando, and stuffing their faces, was in order. The small brigade of eight (figurative) Knights of Columbus boarded their great white carriage which happened to be a large Chevy passenger van. Escorted by their fearless leader, Andrew of House GreenTree (more widely known by his war name ‘The Hebrew Hammer’) the (figurative) black and yellow Knights of Columbus made their two mile journey to the castle of Medieval Times Orlando. As they disembarked their great white chariot, their eagerness as they sauntered across the moat and through the castle gates was palpable.
After a small amount of waiting in a line full of peasants and peons, the (figurative) Knights of Columbus had their chance to order their tickets. Fully expecting a lofty price of entry per person, the Knights were pleasantly surprised by the generous group rate with which they were given. Following the purchase and the less than necessary and fully creepy comments from their ticket wench, the knights realized the gravity of the seats they were assigned. The knight with which they were now linked to, in both honor and allegiance, was indeed the Black and Yellow Knight. This twist of fate only heightened the excitement for the young brigade. As the knights made their way inside, they were stopped by some wizardry which captured their images which could later be purchased for $9.99 plus tax. The image has since been recognized as one of the greatest depictions in Columbus Crew lore.  
The waiting area was full of common folk buying expensive and useless trinkets. The knights’ throats were dry, and needed quenching. The barkeep had a familiar dialect to one of the knights. Young Konrad of House Polandia (more commonly known by his war name ‘The Polish Pistol’) was more than willing to converse with the bar wench in their common tongue of Polandia. After acquaintances were met, the (figurative) black and yellow Knights of Columbus patiently waited for their group to be called into the arena…group yellow 4.
The King’s Herald beckoned for the yellow 4’s and the black and yellow (figurative) Knights of Columbus made their way to the arena. They found their places and patiently waited for their feast to begin. By this point, it was clear that the devotion to the Black and Yellow knight held no equal comparatively to the other crowds. Daniel of House Withrone (known by his war name ‘Otto’) staked his claim as the black and yellow section leader through his extroverted loyalty to their cause. He let his voice be heard throughout the arena, and spurred his companions to voice their support. By this point in the challenges, whether it be jousting, swordplay, horse-riding, or spear throwing, it was clear that the black and yellow knight was far superior to his competitors. The (figurative) Knights of Columbus took every chance they could to ensure that everyone in the arena was aware of their knight’s superiority. One may even go so far as to classify it as “yellow swag,” as there is no basketball or football team in the Land of Columbus. Soon it became evident that even the other opposing knights themselves had come to recognize and spurn the black and yellow section. Some may have classified the black and yellow (figurative) Knights of Columbus’ support as obnoxious…and it probably was. However, the knights themselves could feel their support truly making a difference. Young Eric of House Gehrigan took it upon himself to even provide our knight with the war name, “The Hammer.” It only seemed fitting due to his overwhelming power, girth, and work ethic. Young Eric of House Gehrigan even went so far as to start chants of “Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer!” which surprisingly enough, everyone in the Black and Yellow section willingly joined.
Nearing the later portion of the festivities, it was clear the opposing knights were getting annoyed. The Blue Knight (presumably from Montreal) went so far as to make gestures to the (figurative) Knights of Columbus as they heckled him. No one had ever believed it possible, but not only had the (figurative) Knights of Columbus managed to rattle the Blue Knight, they had managed to get him to break character. Challenge after challenge, the Black and Yellow Knight imposed his dominance over his competitors. In the final sword duel, while there were times that he looked in dire peril, the young (figurative) Knights of Columbus were there to support him on to victory. The Black and Yellow Knight was the Champion of Medieval Times. What an incredible twist of fate. The Knights of the Columbus Crew immediately came to the realization of how incredible this night truly was. Not only were they destined to represent the same colors with which they embody on the field of battle, but those colors evoke undying devotion from their supporters at Crew Stadium as well. And above all, the Black and Yellow Knight was crowned the champion, the ultimate goal that these young men strive for every single day.
Following the exodus out of the arena and into the common room once again, all of the defeated knights were there to mingle with the common folk. As the troop of (figurative) Knights of Columbus made their way through the people, they were tickled to overhear comments such as, “Not THESE guys again,” and “Oh geez, it’s THOSE guys.” They took those comments as endearing compliments, and continued our search to convene with their champion. By happenstance, the young men ran into the Blue Knight. After a laugh, the Blue Knight ensured the knights that everything was predetermined, and that they had no sway in the outcome of the evening. Joshua of Kleve Land advised us all to blow these comments off entirely, as he had both sensed and labeled the Blue Knight (presumably of Montreal) as a sore loser. And then, like an angel coming from the heavens, the Black and Yellow knight emerged. He had an aura, an ambiance about him. After the young men rushed him to show their gratitude and support, it became apparent that the (figurative) Knights of Columbus legitimately embarrassed this man. However comical it was, the brigade implored for a group photo. Everyone stood proud to be in the presence of the champion. Justin of the Meramese Islands and Kyle of the High-Lands may have even shed a few tears of appreciation and admiration. Following the Tebowing in front of the King himself, the (figurative) Knights of Columbus took their leave.
They frolicked to their great white Chevy carriage, already reminiscing one of the greatest evenings of their lives. With flags, cups, and crowns in hand, Andrew of House GreenTree lead them back to Castle Embassy Suites. With the taste of victory and fare still on their lips, the atmosphere was rather energetic on the two mile return venture. The young men of the black and yellow disembarked their motorized carriage already recollecting upon their exploits. As the (figurative) Knights of Columbus scampered briskly up the steps of Castle Embassy Suites, they had heard a foreign ruckus that caught their ear in a nearby living quarters. Eyeing that the door to this area was ajar, full of both zeal and excitement, the young men burst within the room. Much to their incredulity and anticipation the room was filled with fellow Black and Yellow (figurative) Knights of Columbus. These particular Black and Yellow knights, however, were representative of the faraway lands of Sudamericanos (known for their technical skills, questionable attire, and uncanny ability to all fit in the same vehicle). The immediate interaction was full of shouting, astonishment, and uncertainty. After the photographs were shoved in the faces of the Sudamericanos, they began spewing questions to the (figurative) Knights of Columbus in some strange language. One Sudamericanos (figurative) Knight of Columbus seemed to take the lead over the others in his bewilderment. He was later determined to be the legendary Sir Frederick of House Eegwhyeen (known by his war name ‘Pipa’ and distinguishable by his strange resemblance to hobbits in stature). After it was clear their conversations were taking them nowhere, the young (figurative) Knights of Columbus scrambled out the door just as they had entered it, hastily and awkwardly. It was at this time that the young warriors of the Black and Gold went their separate ways, to relive, revel, and dream of what they had accomplished that grand evening.

Was everything that happened coincidence? Was it just chance that they represented the Black and Yellow? Was it happenstance that the Black and Yellow Knight was crowned Champion of the realm? That is for you to decide, but as a lowly scribe and witness to that night, I happen to think it is indeed a vibrant symbol for things to come.

Mathyew of House Lampsonite


02 April 10:13 am

The Crew will face the Philadelphia Union for the first time in 2013 on Saturday. The three meetings between the two sides last season provided plenty of drama and fireworks as the Black & Gold won two of the three matches. 

Let's revisit.

APRIL 14: Union 1 - Crew 0

Last year's series began in Philadelphia in a nationally televised clash on NBC Sports Network. An unfortunate handball from Eric Gehrig in the area led to a Union penalty. Gabriel Gómez converted from the spot for the match's only tally to lift the home side to victory. Eddie Gaven, Chad Marshall and Andy Gruenebaum are the only holdovers from the starting XI in last year's tilt expected to be in the lineup on Saturday.

AUGUST 29: Union 1 - Crew 2

In a return to PPL Park, defender Carlos Valdes put the Union ahead in the first half when his free kick took a deflection off the Crew wall to beat Matt Lampson in goal. Josh Williams equalized with his first career goal just before halftime. Later in the second half, the defender was sent off after an altercation with Union forward Antoine Hoppenot to leave the Black & Gold with 10 men for the final 22 minutes of the match. After fending off a flurry of Philadelphia attempts on goal in the late moments of the game, newcomer Federico Higuaín orchestrated an attack that ended with Eddie Gaven burying Justin Meram's final pass into an empty net in the 95th minute to earn the Crew three points on the road.

SEPTEMBER 29: Crew 3 - Union 2

A month following Gaven's stoppage time heroics, the two clubs met at Crew Stadium in a late September goal fest. Jairo Arrieta netted a brace to give the Black & Gold a 2-0 cushion after 50 minutes. The Union battled back, as Hoppenot drew a penalty in the 65th minute that Danny Cruz converted to cut the deficit in half. Later in the 86th minute, Jack McInerney equalized on a one-touch tally from a Roger Torres cross. Just a minute later, Milovan Mirosevic netted the late winner to keep the Crew's playoff hopes alive heading into October. The winning tally was shrouded in controversy as Mirosevic appeared to be offside, but the linesman's flag remained down.

01 April 11:40 am

Finding Frankie Hejduk around Columbus just became that much easier.

The Crew legend and Brand Ambassador will be driving a custom Crew Camaro provided Coughlin Cars around town for the next few months. Stay tuned to for details on how you can win Frankie's ride.

28 March 3:03 pm

Fresh off Tuesday night's 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifier between Costa Rica and Jamaica, Crew striker Jairo Arrieta returned to training with the Crew Thursday morning in Obetz. Though Arrieta was not featureed in La Sele's 2-0 win over the Reggae Boyz or in last Friday's 1-0 loss to the United States, Arrieta was proud to represent his country in an effort to qualify for soccer's biggest stage.

With one goal in three matches so far this season, Arrieta knows he must continue to produce for the Black & Gold to earn a call-up for Costa Rica's next Qualifiers in June.

"It's an honor for me to be playing for my National Team, but the only way I can play with the National Team is by performing with the Crew," the striker said through a translator. "I'm focused on doing a great job with the Crew, that way I have the opportunity to be called-up again."

In addition to the World Cup Qualifiers in June, Arrieta could miss time with Crew for this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup. Arrieta helped Costa Rica clinch a berth in the tournament by earning the Golden Boot in the Copa Centroamericana in January.

"I know I will play in qualifying games in the near future," Arrieta said.

"The only way I'll have that chance is if my performance with the Crew is better and better every game."

28 March 2:29 pm

Major League Soccer released its annual player world map, and results boasts players born in 61 different countries.

Crew include international players from Argentina (F. Higuain & M. Sanchez), Brazil (Glauber), Cameroon (T. Tchani), Canada (Beckie), Costa Rica (J. Arrieta), Ghana (D. Oduro), Poland (K. Warzycha) Trinadad & Tobago (K. Geroge), Venezula (B. Anor).


25 March 4:42 pm

The United States will face a tall challenge in Turkey this summer as the draw for the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup was held on Monday. The U.S. has been placed in Group A with European powers Spain and France, along with a yet to be determined African nation.

"We're welcome to any challenge," U.S. U-20s Assistant Coach and Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss said Monday. "It's obviously a very strong group with those two European teams. Whatever African team makes it, you know they're going to be good. Historically, [African nations] have been very good at the youth World Cup level."

Bliss and Homegrown midfielder Wil Trapp will head to Turkey in June, hoping to make an impact on the world stage.

"When you get to the World Cup, there are 24 teams and everybody is good," Bliss said. "It looks like a very difficult group, but we finished strong in CONCACAF and I think that will give us confidence heading into [the World Cup].

"I won't say I like our chances better than anybody, but I don't fear any of those teams for any reason."

The U.S. will hold a camp in April to reassess talent ahead of the tournament this summer.

25 March 12:37 pm

After two rounds of play in the 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament, the Crew Bracket Challenge is tightly contested. Wil Trapp leads Drew Beckie by three points with 118 points, while Aaron Schoenfeld sits just three points behind Beckie. Eric Gehrig trails his teammates after picking up just 104 points in the first two rounds.

To no one's surprise, the West region of the bracket gave everyone trouble. However, Ohio State Final Four hopes are still alive as three players picked the Buckeyes to advance. Beckie chose Gonzaga to win the region and dance all the way to Atlanta.


  1. Wil Trapp - 118 pts.
  2. Drew Beckie -114
  3. Aaron Schoenfeld - 111
  4. Eric Gehrig - 104

The Scoring System:

  • 3 points for each team correctly picked to advance to the Round of 32.
  • 5 points for each team picked in the Sweet 16.
  • 10 points for each team in the Elite 8.
  • 25 points for each team in the Final 4.
  • 50 points for each team in the National Championship.
  • 100 points for correctly picking the National Champion.
25 March 10:29 am

With Bill Hamid coming off MLS Player of the Week honors, the Crew knew it would be tough to beat the 22-year-old D.C. United goalkeeper in Saturday's match at RFK Stadium. As expected, Hamid made several acrobatic saves to keep United in the game as the Black & Gold peppered him with nine shots on goal throughout the afternoon.

Not to be outdone, Crew backstop Andy Gruenebaum fed off Hamid's play on the other end of the field to make several key stops to help the Crew to the 2-1 victory away from home.

Gruenebaum's Double Save

"[Hamid] played out of his mind again," Gruenebaum said after the match. "He’s had a couple back-to-back games where he’s just feeling it and right now he’s on fire.

"Anytime you see someone on the other end make a great save it, you hope – I mean, you obviously don’t want to have to be in that position, but when it happens you hope to be there and it was an interesting game. It was probably one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played in.”

Added Head Coach Robert Warzycha: "[Hamid] did very well on Chad [Marshall]'s save, and following with Tyson Wahl. I think the second half, the goalies did a very good job. They did what they were supposed to do. They made some saves and there were some clear chances, but they stood on their heads and they were very, very good.”

Perhaps the top highlight of Saturday afternoon was Gruenebaum's back-to-back-to-back saves from Lionard Pajoy, Brandon McDonald and Dwayne De Rosario attempts that NBC Sports broadcaster Arlo White could only describe as "a miracle."

The humble Gruenebaum claims some luck was involved.

“It was a shot through traffic from the top, I didn’t see it until the end so I wasn’t able to hold it clean, but I just saw [De Rosario] there wide open so I just got up and just tried to make myself big.

"I kind of got lucky there.”

23 March 2:26 pm

Sitting at his perch on the touchline between Robert Warzycha and Ben Olsen for Saturday's broadcast on NBC Sports Network, former Crew midfielder and TV analyst Kyle Martino knows a thing or two about the Crew vs. D.C. United rivalry. Drafted by the Black & Gold in 2002, and winning the League's Rookie of the Year award that season, Martino played five seasons in Columbus to get his fill of the original MLS rivalry.

"It's funny. Statistically, the Crew has done pretty well in this rivalry, but that's not how I remember it," Martino recalled.  "I remember coming to RFK [Stadium] and always getting our butts handed to us. It's funny, I was talking to Ben Olsen yesterday and we were sort of reminiscing about the past. We always called RFK the parking lot because the field was always hard as a parking lot.

Martino continued: "We would always come out and the Ben Olsens, the Marco Etcheverrys, the Christian Gómezes and just running in circles. I remember looking over at Brian Maisonneuve a couple times, with our tongues hanging out,  and just saying 'How do we get this ball and how do we get into this game?' This was always a tough place to come."

Martino's favorite rivalry memory concerning the Crew and D.C. United includes a chance swap of cleats with a future hero for the Black & Gold.

"My favorite memory of the rivalry is when I showed up one time and I'd forgotten to put my cleats in the cleat bag. I was in the locker room beforehand and I didn't have any cleats, and I'm like 'Oh my god, what am I going to do?'"

He continued: "I remembered from the U.S. National Team that [then-D.C. United midfielder] Brian Carroll and I had the same size shoe. I had someone go over the to the D.C. locker room and ask Brian Carroll if I could borrow a pair of his cleats. In that game, Brian and I went against each other. He was playing against me in the center of midfield and I was wearing his cleats, which I thought was hilarious."

While Martino recalls his time with the Crew fondly, he does not see things going the Black & Gold's way on Saturday.

"My prediction is a D.C. win," he boldly stated. "I think D.C. kind of got their bell rung in New York last week and they've turned this place into a fortress. I think the Crew performed really well in LA and Vancouver. There are some real bright spots in the team. The home tie [against San Jose] was a bit of a disappointment to them, so they're going to be pumped and ready to go today. But I think this is a return to the RFK that I remember, which is a place you don't come and steal points easily."

Martino and Arlo White will have the call on NBC Sports Network. Kickoff is slated for 3:30 p.m. ET.

23 March 9:26 am

The Black & Gold will kick off its 2013 Reserve League campaign on Tuesday. The back-to-back reserve champions will host the Chicago Fire at the Crew Training Facility at Obetz on Tuesday, March 26 10:00 a.m. ET. The match is open to the public and admission is free.

**UPDATE** Match moved to the Crew Training Facility at Obetz located at 4153 Alum Creek Dr. Obetz, OH 43207

Click here for the 2013 Reserve League schedule.