Fan Mail

Crew Fan Mail Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Columbus Crew. We are pleased to receive mail from our fans and make every effort to respond to all domestic correspondence. Please understand that it is not possible for us to respond to every letter in exactly the manner requested, nor are we able to accommodate requests from overseas. The following information details our fan mail procedures and guidelines.


  1. We are happy to provide such items as pocket schedules and ticket brochures to those requesting information or “freebies.” However, we frequently receive requests for a wide variety of miscellaneous collectibles, the vast majority of which we either do not have or do not have the ability to send to fans on a complimentary basis. We may sell the item you’re looking for in our on-site retail store, though – call 614-447-CREW to find out.
  2. Please be sure to clearly print your name and address on the letter itself, as envelopes sometimes become separated from their contents.
  3. All correspondence should be mailed to (no e-mail please):

    Columbus Crew
    ATTN: Fan Mail
    One Black & Gold Blvd
    Columbus, OH 43211

  4. The front office does not procure player autographs for fans. Autograph requests should be sent directly to the individual player’s attention at the address above. And don’t forget, Crew players sign autographs following every home game in Autograph Alley!

Thanks again for your interest in the Crew. We look forward to hearing from you!