Q&A: Matías Sánchez

New signing: "I would like to achieve big things"

Matías Sánchez

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After signing with the Black & Gold, newly acquired Argentine midfielder Matías Sánchez sat down with TheCrew.com in Orlando to give his early impressions of the club. 

Alex Caulfield: What are your thoughts on joining the Columbus Crew, and what does today mean to you personally?

Matías Sánchez: I think that I arrive at a very important club. I take this as a big challenge and would like to accomplish big things. I have discovered a beautiful city, but I have to slowly start adapting to my teammates. I have heard very good things about them, so I'm hopeful that we can get the results we are going after. 

AC: What are your thoughts on your new teammates?

MS: I think that they are players with experience, players who play soccer very well, and I hope that they are great people as well; which is the most important part for me because it makes adapting a lot easier. If we have good people and good players, who are ambitious of achieving big things, that is going to get us closer to our objectives. 

AC: What would you like to achieve with the Crew?

MS: I would like to achieve big things, as I was saying before. We have to go step-by-step, come together as a group, be patient, find a good system, and be at the orders of the coach. We have to try and do what he asks of us, and if we do, we will surely achieve a high level of play which will get closer to the highest objective. But we have to be patient and take it step by step; we can't fall into desperation trying to reach our goals. 

AC: Do you have any words for Crew fans?

MS: Yes. I hope that I will be able to give them what they are expecting. My position will be wherever the coach decides to play me, and I will always be a professional, as I have been my whole career. I hope they will be able to see the best of Matías Sanchez, and that as a team, we are able to achieve big things.