Gláuber, Viana adjusting well to MLS

South American newcomers fitting in with Black & Gold thus far in 2013

Glauber viana

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For some foreign players, signing with an MLS club comes with an adjustment period. In some cases, players either fail to adapt to the style of play in MLS or American culture and move back to the league or country they are accustomed to.

Fortunately for the Crew, South American newcomers Gláuber and Agustín Viana have both made steady contributions through the first month of the season to help the Black & Gold to a 2-1-1 record to start the 2013 season.

"I think all the people with the Crew, the coaches and my teammates, helped me to get updated as quickly as possible," Viana explained. "I'm happy. I'm working hard and I'm really surprised with the level in MLS and also with the Crew."

"It's a good level. I was watching some time ago some matches in MLS and I see it's improving each year," the Uruguayan midfielder added." Each year, it improves. Really, in comparing with important other leagues, I think that it's a really good level."

Gláuber and Viana bring years of experience of playing in both Europe and South America to the Black & Gold. Though both players have made a smooth transition to their new club, the physical nature of the League was a change of pace.

"The biggest surprise on the field is the power," Gláuber said. "The game is very quick and we play a lot of one versus one in the back. That is a little new."

The Brazilian defender continued: "MLS is really physical. The players really focus on being physical. It is very good technically, but the focus is very physical."

Having played in the Uruguayan First Division as well as in Italy, Romania and Greece, Viana is used to adjusting to the range of styles that different leagues around the world have to offer.

"Each football is different, each country has a different culture," the midfielder explained. "I think MLS has a lot of things like the Premier League. It has very quick pace, a lot of physical play. There are very strong people playing, strong players. You must learn as quickly as possible because it's important to perform on the field."

Off the field, both players have taken to their new surroundings in Columbus.

"Columbus, I feel is really incredible," Viana said. "I was impressed also with the people, the Crew supporters. We really hear them a lot and they help us to push everything fast to win every match."

Added Gláuber: "Off the field, it is all perfect. I love this country. All the time in Brazil, I looked at the sun and I wondered everything that the Americans do.

"It's great here and I'm really happy."