USA-Mexico Ticket – Random Selection Draw

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is U.S. Soccer using a random selection draw? What’s the benefit for fans?
By using a random selection draw, all fans have a fair and equal opportunity to purchase tickets at face value. Those applying for tickets can place their request at a time and date within the request period that is convenient to them, eliminating the race to be first in line to purchase tickets. The procedure also allows Ticketmaster time to carefully review all ticket orders to ensure possible purchasers are complying with the ticket policy established for this match. By enforcing the ticket policy, fans who intend to use their tickets personally will have a greater chance to purchase them.

What is the ticket policy? How many tickets can I purchase?
The ticket policy for this match is that households and/or individuals are allowed to purchase up to four tickets.

When will I be able to purchase a ticket?
U.S. Soccer Supporters Club members and other U.S. Soccer priority members will have access to a pre-sale opportunity to purchase tickets as long as the ticket policy is followed. For the general public, the window to apply for ticket orders will be from July 19-22.

Do I have a better chance of getting tickets if I get my name in the random selection draw system early?
No. It does not matter when you apply for tickets during the window from July 19-22. All requests for tickets during the window will have an equal opportunity.

Is there any charge incurred by applying to purchase tickets?
There is no charge. Your credit card will not be charged unless you are allocated tickets.

If I apply for tickets during the random selection draw am I required to purchase the tickets if I’m selected? What if I change my mind?
Once you complete your application, you are committed to the purchase if you are allocated tickets.

If I’m a USSSC Member, do I still get priority to purchase tickets? Do I have to apply in the random selection draw?
USSSC members as of June 30, 2013, will get priority access to purchase tickets through a presale as long as they follow the ticket policy. If USSSC members don’t purchase tickets through the presale, they have the opportunity to apply through the random selection draw.  Click here for more information about USSSC membership.

Where do I go to apply for tickets in the random selection draw?
Fans will apply for tickets through the Columbus Crew ticket system.

What if I already have an account in Columbus Crew’s database?
Simply log into that account using your email address and Crew Account Manager password.  You can then select your ticket preference.

I have purchased tickets to other games at Crew Stadium.  Do I already have an account?
Possibly.  If you enter your email address on the reservation site and it states you already have an account simply hit the “Forgot Password” button and it will be emailed to you.  Remember, there is no preference for entering your information early.  You will have time to receive for your password and log in.

How many overall tickets are available for the match?
The capacity at Columbus Crew Stadium for this match will be more than 22,000. At this time, U.S. Soccer is looking at the possibility of adding additional seats for the match. Fans that are not selected to purchase tickets in the random selection draw will be automatically re-entered for a chance to obtain the additional seats. Once again, the tickets will be allocated by random selection.

How many tickets will be available for the general public after the presales?
The exact number will depend on the amount of tickets sold in the presales.

Is U.S. Soccer selecting who they want to purchase tickets?
No. All fans that properly fill out the application form and adhere to the ticket policy will have a fair and equal opportunity to be allocated tickets. A computer program will randomly select applicants.

If I’m a Mexico fan, do I have the ability to apply for tickets in the random selection draw?
All fans are welcome to apply for tickets. Again, anyone who properly fills out the application form and adheres to the ticket policy will have a fair and equal opportunity to be allocated tickets.