USOC: Crew vs. Dayton Dutch Lions

2- 1
Dayton Dutch Lions
WEDNESDAY, MAY 29 7:30PM EDT Crew Stadium

The game looked to be firmly in hand for Columbus after the 14th minute, when the Dutch Lions went down a man due to a red card. Brock Granger was the last defender, and brought Eddie Gaven down to give the hosts the man advantage. But Dayton kept the match scoreless through the first half.

In the 52nd minute, Eddie Gaven gave the Crew the 1-0 lead off an assist from Federico Higuaín. The USL PRO Dutch Lions came back, however, when Shane Smith tied with a goal in the 78th minute, but Columbus regained the lead for good in the 84th minute with a goal from Justin Meram.

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Crew Starting XI: Lampson; Barson, Gehrig, Glauber, Wahl; Gaven, O’Rourke, Warzycha, Speas; Higuain, Schoenfeld

Bench: Gruenebaum, George, Sanchez, Tchani, Meram, Finlay, Finley   

Dayton Starting XI: Williams; Lord, Preciado, Granger, Smith; DeLass; Harada, Khutsidze; Madigan, Bardsley, Garner #USOC100

Bench: de Wit, Swartzendruber, Klaasse, Cheeseman, Hertsenberg, Kissingger, Broekhuizen


CLB – Eddie Gaven (Federico Higuain) 52’
DDL – Shane Smith (Remco Klaasse) 78'
CLB – Justin Meram (Eddie Gaven) 84’


DDL – Brock Granger (ejection; denying a goal-scoring opportunity) 14'
CLB – Glauber (caution; foul) 55'
DDL – Taylor Lord (caution; foul) 65
CLB – Aaron Schoenfeld (caution; foul) 76'

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