Getting to Know Joey Gjertsen

Quakes midfielder played in Canada from 2005-2009

In a few words, describe yourself off the field to your new fans in
San Jose.

"I'm a very easy-going guy and I like to have a good time."

What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time outside
of soccer?

"I'm very into following sports, especially basketball, both college and
professional. I like all other sports as well. Other than that, I love
spending time with my friends. I'm very close with my friends and
family. I live with my brother, Jason, back home in Tacoma and family is
very important to me."

You said you love following basketball, what are some of your
favorite teams or players?

"Michael Jordan is my favorite player of all time and I really like
watching LeBron James right now. But for teams, I like the Atlanta Hawks
a lot. They are young and very fun to watch. After we lost the Sonics
up in Seattle, I have been following the Portland Trailblazers the
closest, but the Hawks are definitely my favorite to watch. I also watch
a lot of Pac-10 basketball as well. I spent last night watching some
college games, Washington took on Cal and I also saw the St.
Mary's-Gonzaga game."

What are some of your favorite movies?

"I'm really in to comedies. Some of my favorites would have to be
SuperBad and Dumb and Dumber, movies like that."

How about music?

"Honestly, I listen to a little bit of everything, probably hip hop the
most, but I also like stuff like Jack Johnson when I'm feeling laid

What do you have going on your iPod right now?

"Probably Lil Wayne, more than anything. I'm still listening to Tha
Carter III, which came out last year but I've got a lot of new music
playing and Lil Wayne is in just about everything now. I still have some
slower stuff ready to go too for those laid back times as well."

How has the group been towards you?

"It's a great group of guys. This is my third team of my career and some
of the other places I have been, there was a bit of a language barrier,
being in Montreal and them speaking French. But here, it's been easy to
get to know the guys really quickly and it helps that transition. I
know it will be a good year and hopefully all this hard work we are
putting in will show on the field, and I think it will."

You've been in camp a little while now. What have you been
able to do with some of the guys to hang out?

"We haven't had much time, but when we go out, we go to the gym and do
stuff to help us prepare. We have been practicing so much, we haven't
been able to do a lot, but when we have been able to get outside of the
Mesa area, we get out to Tempe and Scottsdale to eat some really good
food, and that's been really nice."

More on the soccer side, what do you look to bring to the
Quakes in 2010 and beyond?

"Obviously being the new guy, whatever my role is, I want to be a spark.
Maybe where I can be used in different positions, and hopefully spark
the team and continue to be a playmaker and work hard to help us win