Watch the Combine LIVE on, starting Fri.

All Player Combine matches to be streamed live on

The 2012 MLS Player Combine kicks off this Friday — and you can be there. Well, almost. will have unprecedented wall-to-wall coverage of all the action in Ft. Lauderdale, including live streams of every Combine match.

We’ll be at every game, talk to the players and coaches and GMs, and have all the latest news and rumors about who looks good, who’s on the move, and who might end up on your team next year.

Coverage includes:

  • live streams of Combine matches, with commentary from’s Jason Saghini and Simon Borg
  • highlights from every match
  • interviews with the players, coaches, GMs, and other soccer figures
  • The Daily from Florida
  • ExtraTime Radio from Florida
  • reports from the MLS Insider, Shawn Francis, on Twitter and Facebook
  • plus, the latest news and rumors ahead of next week’s SuperDraft.

Join for all the action, and you'll be right there with us for every goal, save, and shot. Well, almost.

Live Stream Match Schedule

Friday, January 6
2:45 pm ET: adiPower vs Prime
4:30 pm ET: adiZero vs adiPure

Sunday, January 8
2:30 pm ET: adiPower vs adiZero
4:25 pm ET: Prime vs adiPure

Tuesday, January 10
10:00 am ET: adiZero vs Prime
11:55 am ET: adiPower vs adiPure