Memberships Communities

Columbus Crew SC designed three unique Membership Communities for Full Season Members that allows you to choose additional benefits with your membership. Whether you love to bring the family out to the stadium, entertain your top clients and reward your dedicated employees, or enjoy the social atmosphere, we have designed a specialized membership community for you.

 Social Community

If you attend Crew SC matches with your friends, or are looking to extend your Crew SC social network, this is the community for you. Our goal is to provide members in this community with events and opportunities that maximize their social interests and passion for Crew SC.

 Family Community

The Family Community is geared toward memorable family outings and events. If you enjoy sharing the Crew SC experience with your family, this is the community for you. Events and experiences are designed to provide your family with opportunities for quality time together with your Black & Gold.

 Business Community

The Business Community was developed to assist corporate members with entertaining their top clients and employees throughout the 2018 Crew SC Season. Events will be planned with you and your clients in mind, as it is our goal to assist you with growing your business.

Membership Events

Date Event Business Family Social
Feb. 7 Supporter Summit 
Feb. 21 Rookie Bootcamp 
Feb. 26 Kickoff Party 
March 2 Opening Match Party 
May 8 Chalk Talk #1 
June 1 Chalk Talk #2 
June 19 Business Happy Hour 
June 29 10% STM Concession Discount #1 
July 11 Movie Night   
July 20 Chalk Talk #3 
Aug. 11 Crew SC Fest
Aug. 17 10% STM Concession Discount #2
Aug. 31 Social Tailgate    
Sep. 29 10% STM Concession Discount #3