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Graham “Skamzz” Ellix

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Birthplace: Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
Birthdate: March 24, 1992
Twitter: @SKaMzZ1992
Gamer Handle: CLB SKaMzZ
Bio: Graham "Skamzz" Ellix was born in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom and is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The 25-year-old has been playing FIFA professionally since 2008 and has played for Yo-Yo Tech, Team Dignitas and Team Infused in the United Kingdom. He is ranked as Elite 1 Player and has been amongst the Top 100 players for FIFA Ultimate Team Champions. Ellix is also ranked among the Top 100 FIFA players worldwide and Top 25 in the Americas’ Region.
"Skamzz" competed against Stojkovic in a best-of-three gamer playoff on March 5, 2018, winning Game 2 (4-1) and Game 3 (2-1) to qualify to represent Columbus Crew SC at the eMLSCup in April at PAX East in Boston.

Nenad Stojkovic

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Birthplace: Parma Heights, OH
Birthdate: March 5, 1987
Gamer Handle: CrewSCNenad10
Bio: Nenad Stojkovic was born in Parma Heights, Ohio and is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He is ranked a Elite 1 Player in FIFA Ultimate Champions and is also ranked among the Top 100 players in the America’s Region. The 30-year old is the former 2010 FIFA Interactive World Champion and is the only U.S. FIFA World Champion in history. Stojkovic was also a quarterfinalist in the 2011 FIFA Interactive eWorld Cup and provided commentary for the 2012 edition of the same tournament. Outside of gaming, Stojkovic played Division I soccer at Cleveland State University.