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Postgame Quotes - Vancouver Whitecaps FC


Thoughts on the match:
Well it’s tough to play on the turf, I think Vancouver adjusted to the surface a bit better than us. I think we made a few mistakes along the road that probably cost us the game. Also in the first half I think they had a couple opportunities to score but we were fortunate not to give up the goal. The second half I thought we controlled the game; we made mistakes and then paid for it. It’s a tough place to play on the road and we’re going home empty handed.

On Higuain’s contribution to the game
He is a special player obviously, you want him to score a goal and assist every single game but I think he is busy and continuing to play well.

On Kobayashi’s long distance shot
That was a very good shot from distance, from where I was sitting it looked like the goalie probably misjudged the shot. That is why people come to the stadium, to see shots like this.


On the final result:
It was an unfortunate result.  Away from home it’s going to be tough but I felt like we dealt with some things and played some good stuff at times but in the end we’re not happy, no points isn’t what we were hoping for.

On the mistake that led to the second Whitecaps FC goal:
I’m not sure, I haven’t talked to them. I don’t know if the stadium was loud and they can’t really hear each other. It’s just a miscommunication but things are going to happen like that. We’ve got to learn from them and deal with them as they come


On how close a match it was:
It was a tight game. At different parts of the game Vancouver got the better of the game, other times we had the better of the game and they were lucky they finished the chances that they had. When we had the chances we couldn’t finish them and the goalie made great saves. It was really unfortunate that we couldn’t win.

On Columbus Crew’s home opener against San Jose Earthquakes next week:
We’re really excited to be back at home and to have the home opener, especially because we get to play in front of our fans. We need to keep winning games and keep rolling in the league, so there’s a lot of work to do and hopefully on Saturday we’ll win three points and be back on track.


On what Columbus Crew need to improve on:
It was a very close game and we played good. We lost the game because we made a mistake but that’s part of the game. But we had to keep working, we need to keep fixing the mistakes that we make, keep improving what we’re doing right and focusing on the next game. It’s a home game and we need to get the three points.

On his goal:
I’m happy that I scored again, my first goal of the season. Unfortunately it didn’t help the team to win the game so I’m kind of frustrated because of that. But that’s what the forwards do, they score goals so I will try to keep scoring and try to do everything to win.


Thoughts on the match

It was a very entertaining game, one of the most exciting games since I’ve been here as a coach, probably one of the most exciting games at BC Place. Definitely we created more chances in this game than in any other game since I’ve been here so that’s encouraging. We had that one letdown for the goal which was disappointing but overall our play we were very strong today; we scored two goals but created enough chances to score more and looked very comfortable in possession at times. We managed a game against a team that I feel is very strong in Columbus who came off a big win against Chivas. It’s nice for us to start the season with two wins and also to play really well today I was happy with that.

On the loss of Demerit

Last season it would have been hard for us to handle that but this season we do have some replacements who can take over; Brad Rusin did very well again today and we do have some others leaders in the team now. We definitely miss Jay; we are disappointed about that now but we have to move on.

On Kenny Miller’s form after coming in last season

He’s just like most players who come in part season, apart from Higuain. It takes a little time to settle but he was one of our best players in preseason and fantastic again today scoring a goal by closing down and chasing someone down. He definitely deserved it because he was running back to the left back all day and worked really hard for them team; showing how great of a player he is.

On Kobayashi’s Goal

It was fantastic; as soon as he hit it I thought it was in. I don’t think I’ve jumped that high in a while when I saw that go in. That spell of the game we were playing very well and the movement that Daigo got on the ball had him in dangerous areas and they backed off a little bit and he couldn’t have made it any better. Has there been a better goal than that in BC Place? For a while I don’t think so, that has been the best for sure.

On responding to Columbus’ goal

We showed good character but there’s good experience and good confidence in our team. Including preseason our eighth game in ten that we’ve won so that builds confidence and I think even until we did lose that goal it didn’t alter the game much and we did have possession and still created a lot of chances so it was well worth the win. We could have been ahead maybe a few more.

On Hurtado’s disallowed goal

I thought he was onside but obviously I haven’t seen it again so I’ll have to see from a better angle but the ball becomes the offside line in that situation and Hurtado came from behind the ball from what I could tell but I need to see it again.

On playing younger players

We’ve got confidence in our young players and as much as we can we’re going to get them out there on the field. I think if we had taken our chances it would have been a bit more comfortable and we could have got them on a bit earlier. Eric brings a lot of energy to the team and he creates a lot of chances. It’s hard for any team to play against him especially when they’re tired.

On the amount of chances created

I have to look at it again I felt that we could have scored five from our clear chances. Maybe when I look at it later I’ll think I’m exaggerating or that we could have had ten I’m not sure I’ll have to look again. It was definitely more chances created than ever since I’ve been coach here which is an encouraging side because first we tried to do initially is make our team solid defensively and then improving our possession; because of our possession being better today we created more chances. That’s what we want to be doing but we also want to be taking those chances and putting a flair reflection on the score.

On playing style and fan reaction

It was exciting to watch and I think all the fans that came today got their money’s worth and contributed a lot to the atmosphere, it was fantastic. It really is a great connection between the team and the fans. Some of that combination play was of a very high standard and that’s very encouraging.  

On the upcoming bye week

I’m happy to have a break it’s a very long season, and one of the things I learned last season is that it goes on for a long time and you need breaks and a chance to have a rest. We’ve been away from home a lot in preseason and done a lot of hard work so to me this is the end of the preseason phase and a few days off, we look forward to getting back to it next week.

On the amount of finishers on the team

No I definitely think we’ve got the finishers. I think that the first sign is that they’re getting in positions to score goals, maybe we a couple chances could have dealt with some of the chances a bit better but I believe there are guys here to score the goals if we create the chances for them.

On Kenny Miller’s goal

Kenny has been one of our best players since preseason and the start of the season he has done fantastically well. It was really nice to see him get a goal today.

On Kenny Miller’s leadership role

He’s responded well and he’s been the captain on a lot of teams. I don’t think it’s any kind big deal to him

On Y.P Lee’s positive form

I’m very happy. I can’t give Y.P enough credit either; some of his performances in the first two games have been unbelievable. I’m going to need to start talking him into another season. Y.P has defended well too and is exceptional at getting forward.

On the technical players fitting into the playing style

We always want to attack with our fullbacks and get into the good positions but this year it’s easier because we’re keeping the ball better and were moving it into good areas and then switching it out with technical players getting forward.


Thoughts on the match:
You know, just really proud of the team for going out there and getting another win with six points now on the season. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

On his goal being called back offside:
I don’t think it was offside, but in the end the ref makes the decision, we just have to adapt to that.


Thoughts on the match:
I thought we played well, and we did last week. It was disappointing to lose a goal so early [in the second half], but we regrouped again and it’s another three points. We’re delighted to get the win.  

On scoring his first goal of the season:
It’s always nice to go off the mark as a striker. You’re always going to be judged on goals. But again, I said before, more importantly two home games at the start of the season was an opportunity to put some early points on the board; maximum points for us, it’s a delight to see that.


Thoughts on the match:
Yeah it was a great win for us, you know it was a hard-fought game. We created so many chances, that’s a big positive we can take from it. We’ve got to make sure we can take the chances.

On getting a second straight win:
It’s about performing each game, and getting that winning mentality. It’s the foundation we want to have for this club.


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