Agustín Viana

Viva el Futbol: Agustin Viana

This is part of the ¡Viva el Fútbol! video series that will provide a look into Crew players’ Hispanic roots in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. In this first episode, Crew defender Agustín Viana welcomes us into his house to talk about his youth in Uruguay, his love for the countryside and the traditional mate beverage.










Agustin and his family in a finca (country house) in Uruguay


Yerba Mate Preparation

1. Heat water and pour it in a thermos. Water should be hot but not boiling (approx. 160-180°F)

2. Pour yerba mate (can be bought at most supermarkets) inside a cup filling about ¾ of the cup. If desired, to make the mate less bitter, you can add one or two teaspoons of sugar.

3. Cover the top of the cup and shake so that contents of the cup mix well.

4. Arrange yerba mate so that it is higher on one side of the cup than on the other.

5. Pour some warm water gently into the side of the cup where there is less yerba mate. Let stand a few moments.

6. Insert the yerba mate bulb in the same spot where the water was poured.

7. Now you can start drinking the yerba mate through the bulb. (Procure not to move the bulb and to continue to drink from the same spot. This will ensure that not all the yerba mate gets wet at once, and the infusion will last longer)

8. Periodically rearrange the yerba mate and continue to add hot water as needed.


The flavor can be modified by adding different additives. The most common ones are honey, orange peel, lemon, mint, sugar and coffee





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