Viva el Fútbol: Jairo Arrieta

The ¡Viva el Fútbol! video series provides a look into Crew players’ Hispanic roots in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. In this third episode, Crew forward Jairo Arrieta talks about the traditional “Pura Vida” phrase, his hometown and his experience with “La Sele.”













Playa Samara – Nicoya, Costa Rica. Ranked second best beach in Central America by TripAdvisor.













Casado. Traditional Costa Rican dish consisting of fried plantain, rice, beans, greens and meat.


Pura Vida is a phrase that is internationally representative of Costa Rica and that reflects the Costa Rican way of life. This phrase can be used as a question, an acknowledgement, a greeting or a farewell.

Pura Vida signifies the simplicity of good living, humility, well-being, happiness, optimism and appreciation for what’s simple and natural; and it is also closely tied to the country’s enormous biodiversity.

Most publications attribute the origin of this phrase to a 1956 Mexican movie called “Pura Vida!” and claim that the phrase was organically adopted by the people of Costa Rica from that point on. Today, the phrase is so ingrained into Costa Rican culture that it is often used by visitors (ex. politicians, musicians etc.) to demonstrate their understanding of the culture and to connect with the local audience. 



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