Warming up to Jack McInerney

New Columbus Crew SC striker Jack McInerney is one of the most prolific young goal scorers in Major League Soccer. With 36 career goals, the forward ranks second all-time in MLS among players under the age of 23. Only Crew SC legend Stern John scored more (44).

A 2013 MLS All-Star, McInerney is in his sixth MLS season. He also has CONCACAF Champions League and Gold Cup experience. He reached the Champions League final with the Montreal Impact this year and was on the 2013 Gold Cup-winning U.S. team alongside Crew SC Captain Michael Parkhurst.

While McInerney’s accomplishments on the pitch are well known, we wanted to find out more about his life off the pitch. Here’s our interview with Jack:

Q: Welcome to Columbus, Jack. We’re excited to have you. We saw your mom is pretty excited as well as she tweeted a grade school photo of you in a Crew SC jersey. What’s the story behind that?

A: I’m not too sure exactly how I got the jersey or where it came from. But I remember going to school one day wearing the jersey and I didn’t even know it was picture day. I had the picture taken in the Crew SC jersey and that’s where the picture came from.

We saw you’re a fan of “Breaking Bad.” What are some other TV shows you binge watch?

Well, lately I haven’t been watching too much TV. I just finished up “Mad Men,” but now that I’ll be back in a hotel for a little while, I guess I’ll have to start something new. 

We noticed you’re a fan of “The Bachelor” What about “Bachelor in Paradise?” Have you seen that one at all?

Yeah, I’ve seen that one once. I think it was pretty enjoyable, so I’ll probably watch the one coming up too.  

What’s the first food place you’ll head up when get into town?

Well, in Canada they don’t have Chipotle, and I’m a big Chipotle fan, so I’ll probably be getting there pretty soon.

You’re going to wear No. 30 for Crew SC but No. 9 is your preferred one. What would you offer Justin Meram to get his number?

Justin Meram’s one of the few people I actually know on the team, so I think I’ll be fine with 30. It’s just a number.

How helpful is it coming to the team already knowing someone?

When I came to Montreal I literally only knew one person on the team. I actually know four or five guys here, so it’ll make the transition easy and make it more comfortable adjusting to the new life.

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

No, I don’t really do anything like that. I usually just have my headphones on and listen to music most of the time.

How much time do you spend practicing goal celebrations?

[Laughs] I get a lot of criticism because when I do score I usually don’t celebrate. So I guess the answer would be none, and that’s why everyone gives me a hard time about it. A lot of people say I don’t even smile after I score.

You’re going to have to spend some time with Kei and Waylon. They come up with some pretty interesting dances after they score.

I know, I’ve seen them. Maybe I’ll just let them do their thing and keep the spotlight on them.

Do you have any pet peeves?

I wouldn’t say so. I have road rage most of the time, so when people cut me off and stuff, I get pretty mad.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I think I would want to be able to fly.

Then you could just fly over traffic and wouldn’t have to worry about road rage?

Exactly! Or, you know, just going on vacation somewhere in a heartbeat.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is heights. I’m fine with being up high on a building or something, but when I look over the edge, my hands and my feet start sweating. But when I’m up there, I always get the itch to look over the edge. It’s kind of weird. I have to feel like I still look and then I back off.

That’s interesting since you’d want to be able to fly…

I think I’d get over it if I could fly somewhere and be there in two seconds.

Speaking of flying, Jack is flying (the commercial way) to Columbus tonight and will train with the team on Sunday. We look forward to seeing him on the pitch!



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