Black & Gold 17

Sirk's Note: Precourt Sports Ventures purchases Black & Gold

This was huge. As for why it was not in my original ten, I will go back to a reddit post I made once my initial ten votes were revealed. A user named “PopeAlGore” commented that he was surprised that I didn’t include it in my ten votes because he felt that Precourt’s ownership has invigorated the franchise.

My response was that I totally agreed, but with only ten votes, I went with an action instead of a transaction. By voting for #NewCrew, I was voting for something Precourt DID as owner, rather than the ownership transaction itself. I figured that was more interesting and illustrative of the impact that he has had.

So yes, this is huge. It’s just a hard thing to rank. There have been many positives in the last two years, but most of this story is yet to unfold. It’s only been two years out of 20. Ownership is a long game. This moment can climb up the rankings with the passage of time. Then again, I’d probably be inclined to vote for the moments produced under Precourt’s stewardship, rather than the transaction itself, as monumental as it is. That’s more how my brain is wired. Your mileage may vary.

Where do you rank this moment in Black & Gold history? Voting for the Top Twenty Moments continues here.


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