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Q&A | Artur catches up after Wednesday's announcement

On December 6, 2017, Columbus Crew SC acquired Brazilian midfielder Artur on a permanent transfer from Sao Paulo FC in the Brazilian First Division. Artur initially joined Crew SC for the 2017 MLS season via loan.

Artur, 21, played for the Black & Gold during the 2017 Major League Soccer season on loan and will continue to occupy an international roster spot for Crew SC.'s Alex Stec caught up with Artur on the phone:

Alex Stec, Parabéns (Congratulations), Artur! Is this an exciting day for you?

Artur: Yes, very exciting for me. I am excited.

Alex: Crew SC announced that you’d be staying with the club after agreeing on a permanent transfer from São Paulo. What was your reaction when you found out?

Artur: I am very happy about this because I have been working hard and I feel passionate about this. The city trusts me. The club trusts me, so my feelings are very good.

Alex: You played 27 games for the Black & Gold, including the postseason, you scored your first professional goal, which was a game-winner in the playoffs, and you had three assists. How would you assess your first year in MLS? 

Artur: I think I did good. Everything was new for me. I scored my first goal, I had a lot of things to learn. I think I have more to learn, more to achieve in the next year. I think I will do better.

Alex: You talk about learning—you came to new country, new League, new team— aside from learning English, which is a huge accomplishment, what else did you learn? 

Artur: I learned a lot of things – a new country – everything that I had to adapt to, the language… I had help from my teammates, my friends, plus I’m also learning from experience.

Alex: What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your first year?

Artur: I think that first [it] was because I didn’t have the precision, and then my surgery was making me a little bit uncomfortable. It was a little bit hard for me – the surgery – and because I was far from my home. But now, it was a test, I am a stronger now.

Alex: What was your favorite moment in the 2017 season?

Artur: I think the feeling after the Atlanta game was very good for me. It was a hard game and the first final game, like playoff game, and I think it is my favorite moment.

Alex: Your brother visited you in Columbus during the season for a few months, your mother visited as well. What was your family’s reaction when they hear the news that to you’d be returning to Columbus? 

Artur: They were very happy. They like it—the city, the club, and I think they wanted me to stay because it’s good to have everything to grow up more and [when] you are in a new country, [with] a new language… they are excited for me.

Alex: When you look ahead to 2018, what goals are you setting?

Artur: I think we did good this year but the next year we have to do better. And I get the feeling I want to be champions, but today, I want to thank the coach. I think we have to do big things the next year and do everything we came to do—everything we can do. 


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