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Post-Match Quotes: Orlando City SC - June 29, 2019

Head Coach Caleb Porter

On Crew SC’s overall performance

I mean, stats don’t always tell the story but last several games, those were winnable games and we had more chances than the opponent in both games and they had less chances. They [Orlando City SC] had three shots and scored two goals - on three shots. Usually if you’re playing well enough to give up only three shots over a 90-minute game at the professional level, you shouldn’t give up two goals and obviously, we got to score. 11 shots and that doesn’t even include the possession - 58 percent. That doesn’t even include all the positions that we got and we didn’t even get a shot, when we missed crosses. It’s another game, similar to what I’ve said in the past. A lot of good things box-to-box but the most important thing is the score line. The most important thing is what you do in [the] box. It comes down to those moments and we’re not scoring goals and we’re giving up goals on three shots. I mean, I’ve never been a part of a game where you’ve given up three shots and you’ve given up two goals. We’ll keep working, keep trying to find ways for guys to score. But at the end of the day, I feel good about - in terms of the plan and what we’re trying to create and we had enough to score and they [Orlando City SC] had hardly anything the entire game.

On the impact of Sigi Schmid

He left a lot. Guy’s a legend. Obviously, everybody knows his championships, his wins, his winning percentage. I think the biggest thing is what he did for the growth of the game - the little stuff. Mentoring coaches – like myself – and was just a class act, a gentleman. And obviously, [he] was an inspiration to a lot of people. He will be sorely missed. It was a nice moment to see Val [Schmid] and Kyle [Schmid] and Kurt [Schmid]. It’s just disappointing that we weren’t able to reward them and the fans with a win. You know, I’m massively disappointed for the supporters. I thought it was a great crowd today and I feel really bad that we haven’t been able to reward them with three points. Of course, I’m the head coach so I take responsibility, but I don’t know how you give up two goals on three shots and, again, it’s another game where we should have scored at least one or two.

On Orlando City SC scoring two goals

I think both of them were defensive breakdowns, in my opinion. It’s just disappointing that two of the three lead to a goal. Obviously, there are going to be breakdowns in a game. They [Orlando City SC] had a ton of breakdowns – [a] lot more than we did. We – definitely on the three shots – I thought twice we got broken down. If you look at the first goal, we had two lines of four. We had eight guys and three guys broke down basically eight for a goal. It should never happen.

On Crew SC’s defensive struggles

I mean, it’s one of our best defensive games of the year. Guys, we gave up three shots. If you’re at this level - with some of the players that they have – if they’re only getting three shots, you’re doing everything right, except making the plays in the box when it matters most. Watch the goals yourself - you tell me. It’ll be pretty easy to see. It’s individual errors.

On JJ Williams’ first start for Crew SC

He worked hard. I thought he held the ball - well. I thought he gave a good effort. It’s his first game. He’ll get better. He had a great moment to score. Again, watch the game. I’ll watch it. I told my guys the exact same thing, it’s absolutely probably the eighth or ninth time that I’ve said the same thing to them. Box-to-box we were better than them [Orlando City SC] 100 percent. Stats show that, possession shows that. We should have got 22 shots instead of 11 because we’re in good possessions and we’re not getting the right cross - we miss crosses. We’re not getting shots off. It’s individual plays as well. So, I think we keep crafting plans where guys will be in possession but for me I’ve always felt this - for 19 years if I can put together a game where we get more chances then the opponent, it’s going to come down to those moments to finish and to stop goals and that’s where we’re falling short.

On Crew SC’s past two results 

Disappointing. Disappointing. 16 games ago and we would’ve been right there knocking on the door, winning this game. What do you do? You got to keep working, keep evolving. I very much believe in a short term and a long term. My short term, always, I want to win every game, no matter who is in the lineup. I know we’ve been missing a lot of guys and that gets forgotten as the game goes on, but I think what’s disappointing is even missing six, seven key guys – and we know we need to sign some guys too – but missing those guys, we still should’ve won the last two games based on what I saw from the opponent and what I saw from us. That’s what’s disappointing. 

On the possibility of Romario Williams coming to Columbus [Crew SC]

Can’t comment but I’m sure there will be some updates in the next several days.

Midfielder Artur 

On getting over losses

I think every loss is hard, even more when its straight losses like this, but we are professional athletes and we need to be serious and feel it and use it to get better, we cannot be like this we have to be responsible with it and pass through it. We need to start winning again and make good progress.

On what Crew SC needs to do better

I think we need to finish better in our box, maybe we need to defend it, we need to be more decisive. In both boxes, both sides. I think we have to improve that.

On how Crew SC can improve

Like I said, we need to be more decisive. We have a few chances and they scored those two goals and we cannot have that. We need everyone to take their responsibility to make plays and try to be the hero, We need to work together but in single moments we need to make our plays. Everyone has to play by the rules and do better.

On what Crew SC needs to do to start winning at games

I think we need to stay together and like I said, we need to make plays and be different. We can’t be playing the same way it [has] been now, we have to do something different because our play, I think we’re playing well – we’re creating chances but we are not scoring and when they come to our defensive box they score with few chances. I think we need to do something different like better decisions and better touch[es].  


Forward JJ Williams

On making his first start for Crew SC

Felt really good, felt really good to be out there. Being able to contribute a little bit more for us to get a result. Not the result that we wanted by any means but just have to do better at doing my job really just go after the ball and back to the net I think if we do that we have a better chance at winning a game.

On seeming more lively than in his last match

Yeah, I always try to bring energy. Try to impact the game, try to change the game in a positive way no matter what that is. I was just really excited to get my first start today but there is a lot that I have to learn obviously as you guys see and maybe next week, or in the next few days we can put myself in better positions to find the back of the net and maybe score a goal and then get back on track.

On how he would rate

There is a lot of things that I have to do better when I’m going after the ball. I have to be much cleaner when I’m in front of the goals, I mean that’s what I get paid to do. I need to be more [inaudible] I need to score goals without that its hard for any team to win without the number nine scoring goals without putting the ball back in the net so I just have to do better for my team.


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