Downtown Stadium - Rendering - FAQ - 9.24.19

FAQs: Downtown Stadium Waitlist Deposit Guide

Why should I place a waitlist deposit today?

  • As a deposit holder, you will gain priority toward selecting seating at the new stadium prior to the general public.

What is the cost of a waitlist deposit?

  • Deposits are $50 per account, which secures your priority towards selecting Downtown Stadium seats at the Crew SC Experience Center, which will open soon in the vibrant Short North!

As a current Crew SC Full Season TIcket member, do I need to place a waitlist deposit?

  • No. Current or new 2020 Full Season Ticket Members who maintain an active account status for the 2020 Crew SC season will have priority over the waitlist in selecting seats in the new Downtown Stadium.
  • Interested in 2020 Crew Full Season Tickets? Email us at or call at (614) 447-4169.

Who do I contact if I have other questions about 2020 season tickets at MAPFRE Stadium?

  • By purchasing 2020 Crew SC Full Season Tickets at MAPFRE Stadium, you will gain first priority to select the best available seats at the new Downtown Stadium. To secure your seats for the 2020 season, please email us at or call at (614) 447-4169.

Do I have to place a deposit to buy Season Tickets at the new Downtown Stadium?

  • It is highly encouraged that you place a deposit to secure your seat selection priority today. By placing a deposit, you will have secured priority to select seats that best fit your match day preferences.

Will the waitlist deposit act as a credit towards my overall membership cost?

  • Yes, the $50 deposit will be credited and applied towards your purchase of seats for the 2021 Crew SC season at the new Downtown Stadium.

Where can I place my deposit?

  • Click Here to place your deposit towards the new Downtown Stadium.

Is the waitlist deposit refundable?

  • Yes. In the event you decide that you no longer want to purchase seating, your membership consultant can arrange for your deposit to be refunded.

When will new stadium pricing and more information be made available to supporters?

  • We will share more information on pricing as it is finalized in early 2020, but it is our goal to be creative and innovative in establishing an inclusive ticketing strategy for all Crew SC supporters.

Is there anyone else I can contact If I have other questions about placing a deposit?

  • For additional questions regarding placing your deposit or the new Downtown Stadium seat selection process, please email us at

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