Birthplace: Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
Birthdate: March 24, 1992
Twitter: @SKaMzZ1992
Game: FIFA20

Bio: Graham Ellix was born in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom and is based in Ohio. He has been playing FIFA professionally since 2008 and has played for Yo-Yo Tech, Team Dignitas and Team Infused in the United Kingdom. He is ranked as an Elite 1 Player and has been amongst the Top 100 players for FIFA Ultimate Team Champions. Ellix is also ranked among the best in the World and in the Americas Region. Graham represented the Crew at eMLS Cup in 2018, 2019 eMLS Heineken Rivalry Week event, 2019 eMLS 24-Hours of FIFA Kick Childhood Cancer Charity Fundraiser, and 2020 eMLS League Series One & League Series Two.