Media Policies

Columbus Crew SC would like to thank all members of the media who cover the club. We enjoy working with you and are looking forward to doing so again during our 25th Major League Soccer season and our 21st MAPFRE Stadium. Should you have any questions about this guide, please contact Tim Miller [] or Carlos Mojica [].


Members of the media may apply for day-of-match credentials by completing an online form by no later than 48 hours before a scheduled home match. It is preferred to complete day-of-match requests early in the week in order to allow more time to coordinate distribution of your single-match credential and single-match parking pass.

Upon approval, single-match credentials and single-match parking passes may be picked up from a member of Crew SC Communications at MAPFRE Stadium on the last business day prior to the match by contacting Carlos Mojica. 

Additionally, single-match credentials and single-match parking passes may be picked up ahead of matchday at MAPFRE Stadium. All parking passes for media must be picked up in-person at MAPFRE Stadium ahead of match day by making arrangements with Carlos Mojica, as MAPFRE Stadium parking gates will be enforced early on match days..

Media Will Call will open again for single-match credential pickup only at Gate 3 beginning two hours prior to kickoff. In 2020, all members of the media will enter MAPFRE Stadium through Gate 3, located on the east side of the building. MAPFRE Stadium opens to members of the media beginning two hours prior to kickoff unless otherwise noted.

If you have a full-season credential and intend to come to cover a match, we still ask that you RSVP to Carlos by 48 hours prior to kick to so we may reserve a place in the press box for you. 

All day-of-match credentials are printed. They must be printed in-house and so we appreciate your patience should you be in need of a new credential on the morning of a match.


Unless otherwise indicated, Columbus Crew SC training is open to the media for the final 15 minutes of each scheduled session. Training schedules will be dispersed to the media at the beginning of each week. Training is the best place to secure midweek interviews with Head Coach Caleb Porter, as well as Black & Gold players. Unless previously indicated, Porter will speak to the media after each training session.


Members of the media with full-season credentials will have access to parking at MAPFRE Stadium. MAPFRE Stadium credentials are NOT valid for parking entry; you must display the full-season parking pass. Media Parking will either be located in B Lot or General; to access B Lot, enter MAPFRE Stadium through Gate 17, to access the General Lot, enter MAPFRE Stadium through the 17th Avenue entrance.

Members of the media that have requested day-of-match credentials (and received confirmation/approval) will have a single-match parking pass available to them in the General Lot. Please see the above "Match Attendance" section for all pickup procedures and policies.

Directions: Take I-71 to the Hudson Street exit (Exit 112). If you are traveling South-bound on I-71 go straight through the light at the top of the ramp. If you are traveling North-bound on I-71, take a left at the light at the top of the ramp and take another left at the first light. This will put you onto Silver Drive. Get in the right-hand lane and turn Right at the next light. Go past Lowe’s and MAPFRE Stadium will be on your right. Gate 17 is past Gate 19. For the 17th Avenue entrance, exit I-71 at 17th Avenue and proceed to the gate.


After parking, proceed to stadium Gate 3 for Crew SC’s Media Will Call. Gate 3 is located on the East Side of MAPFRE Stadium. Members of the home broadcast (Home Television/Radio, Home Spanish Radio) are the only ones that may enter through stadium Gate 8 (this remains the same policy as in past seasons).

All photographers, local TV camera crews, print and digital media members with press box or photo work room access must enter this season, every match, through stadium Gate 3. Photographers and local TV broadcasters with photo endline access have access to the back side of the north end of the stadium to enter the photo work room (West Green Room) and the tunnel for field access (this too remains the same policy as previous seasons). A member of the Crew SC Communications staff will distribute all photo vests upon arrival at the photo work room.

All members of the media that have sent credential RSVP emails and received confirmation should approach the credential table under the tent for check-in. All full-season and single-match credential holders MUST check-in with Crew SC Communications staff at Media Will Call. Full-season media credentials will be checked and members of the media will quickly sign in before entering the stadium.

Those picking up full-season credentials and that have sent an RSVP email ahead of time will have their credential available at Media Will Call. Please see the "Match Attendance" section above for all pickup policies and procedures regarding single-match credentials.

Day-of-match and full-season credentials MUST be visible and worn at all times. Lost credentials and/or parking passes must be reported immediately to Crew SC Communications.

Media members are reminded to dress professionally and are asked not to wear gear of either club participating in the match or competing sponsors with local or League affiliates.  This pertains to photo endline products such as water bottles.


MAPFRE Stadium’s press box is located on the upper concourse on the north east side of the building. Access to the press box begins in conjunction with the opening of Media Will Call at the two-hour mark prior to kickoff on Crew SC matchdays. Admittance is limited to working media members with valid credentials. The press box is intended for the purpose of providing a work place for writers, reporters and broadcasters. Members of the media that have been issued full-season credentials and have access to the press box are asked to regularly communicate with Crew SC Communications Manager Carlos Mojica in order to secure seating.


Photo work room: All photographers and local TV photographers with day-of-match and full-season credentials should proceed through stadium Gate 3 straight to the lower concourse and turn right. Head toward the backstage area and continue walking west. Before you reach the security access point near both locker rooms, you will see signage directing photographers to the photo work room which is near the area behind the stage of the stadium. This is an area designated strictly for photographers and videographers. Access to the upper concourse press box is not needed for photographers to have access to a private work area, food and WiFi access. 

Photo bibs/vest:  In addition to their regular credential, it is required that photographers and camera crews obtain and wear a colored bib/vest, making them easy to identify. All bibs must be returned to the photo work room at the end of the night. ALL PHOTO BIBS MUST BE RETURNED EACH MATCH TO A MEMBER OF CREW SC COMMUNICATIONS OR SIMPLY LEFT IN THE PHOTO WORK ROOM.

Photo field access: Photographers must wear their bib/vest and their photo credential. Both north and south endlines are available for shooting. In order to access the south endline, photographers must depart the field level onto the concourse, or use the East Sideline, and head to the opposite side of the stadium where security will indicate access to the south endline. Photographers will not be permitted to cross in front of or behind the team bench areas. The north endline is easily accessible from the photo work room. During player warm-ups in-game, please be aware you may be asked to shift down the line to allow the teams to stretch.

Members of the media with approved photo endline credential access may bring a remote camera for usage at MAPFRE Stadium provided the following regulations are met: camera must be anchored along the two endlines and may not be attached to the goal, any part of the goal frame of the fieldboards (static or LED), members of the media must alert Crew SC Communications at Media Will Call that they intend to use a remote camera, all members of the media must attach a business card to any installed remote camera so that it can be identified in the event that an emergency dictates moving the camera.

Pre-match live shots for news outlets:

Media Will Call opens two hours prior to the match for media entrance. Members of the news media looking to do a live hit right at the two-hour mark should reach out to a member of Crew SC Communications to coordinate entrance. However, any news live shots before the two-hour mark will take place outside of the stadium on the south side of the venue. Live shots after media will call opens (two hours prior to kick) and up until 15 minutes before the listed start time may take place inside of MAPFRE Stadium on the south endline (scoreboard side) accessed via Media Will Call (Gate 3). No live shots may take place in the stadium during match action.



Media members may carry their cell phones into the press conference room or the locker room post-match at MAPFRE Stadium during the League-mandated access window and use them as audio recording devices for interviews only, but may not use them to place calls, send text messages or take photographs. Per MLS, NO STILL PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED IN THE LOCKER ROOMS. If you plan to use your cell phone as an audio device in the post-match press conference or in the locker rooms for interviews, please use decorum and silence your phone during recording to avoid inbound post-match phone calls.  

Press conferences and interviews with the Head Coach post-match or post-training:

All credentialed members of the media are permitted to transmit live video (TV, mobile or web-based programs) for press conferences and post-match media availability for the club’s Head Coach held approximately 15 minutes after the final whistle in the MAPFRE Stadium press conference room or after club training sessions on non-matchdays. In 2020, the post-match press conference will feature Crew SC's Head Coach. The visiting team will make its head coach available for interview outside of the visiting locker room.

During match and training session action:

During match action, only club personnel and broadcast rights-holders may transmit live video footage from anywhere within MAPFRE Stadium. At the north and south endlines, non-rights-holders may record video of game action for highlights, but at no point during match action may they transmit live/streaming video footage including video for television and/or mobile and web-based programs. All transmissions of live video for TV stand-ups pre/post-match outside of the locker room in designated media access zones must be pre-arranged and facilitated by a member of Crew SC Communications.

For portions of on-field training open to members of the media, attendees may use their cell phones/cameras to record b-roll (and later, interviews) for editorial purposes, but at no point during the team’s session may they transmit live/streaming video footage including video for television and/or mobile and web-based programs. For club scrimmages, video recording of any kind (live or b-roll) is limited to interview access periods following the on-field scrimmage only.

During media access windows at training, only club personnel and broadcast rights-holders may transmit live video footage from designated media access points. All transmissions of live video for TV stand-ups outside of the locker room at designated media access zones must be pre-arranged and facilitated by a member of Crew SC Communications. 

Player interviews in the club’s locker room and player interviews at training sessions:

Approved video recorded interviews post-match in the locker room will take place at player lockers beginning at the player’s convenience. Members of the media not seeking video recording may be asked to slightly alter their standing position to allow for approved video recordings of the interview. All members of the media seeking to record video must alert a member of Crew SC Communications ahead of time that they would like to record so that the player may be alerted and so that they may receive ideal and proper positioning for the shot directly in front of the player. Members of the media may use their video recording devices, including cell phones and digital cameras, for approved interviews only (no b-roll in locker room allowed post-match), but are subject to follow the no still photography policy listed above (see: “General”).

Only club personnel and club broadcast rights-holders may transmit live video footage of interviews from the club’s locker room during designated League-mandated media access windows. This policy includes live/streaming video for television and mobile and web-based programs. All transmissions of live video must be pre-arranged and facilitated by a member of Crew SC Communications.

At all club training sessions, including those held at the Crew SC Training Center at Obetz, members of the media may, with proper notification given to a member of Crew SC Communications, transmit live video footage of interviews with both the Sporting Director and Head Coach and any requested player conducted outside the locker room.


All members of the media with approved credentials enter MAPFRE Stadium and club training session media access zones in agreement with said cell phone and recorded/live video policies and are subject to all other stated rules and regulations. Violations of any policy may be grounds for immediate revocation of the credential and removal from the premises.


Only credentialed individuals wearing Pink bibs are allowed to walk past the fieldboard cut-off zone near the technical areas on both the north and south ends of the west sidelines. Orange and yellow bibs are permitted near midfield ONLY for pre-match photography of the starting XI photo and then must exit to another side. Orange and yellow bibs are asked to walk on the East sideline to access either the north or south endlines during match play, but the east sideline is not a photo access zone.

Orange and yellow bib credentialed media members are permitted on the north and south endlines, behind field boards, with photo and video access extending to the northeast and southeast corners and up the northwest and southwest corners as space permits, in accordance with photo marshal instruction, and not past the fieldboard cut-off zones on the West Sidelines near the technical and team staff areas. If you have any questions about access zones, please check-in with a MAPFRE Stadium photo marshal or a member of Crew SC Communications.


Please check the front of your credential for access zones and the back of your credential for notice of credential use condition to accept stadium and League posted rules and regulations. If you have any questions about access zones or the applicability of a credential (either full-season or day-of-game), do not hesitate to ask Crew SC Communications.