Crew Fans

Life in the Nordecke

Have you ever sat in the stands at Crew Stadium and wondered what it would be like in the supporter's section? Maybe you've always wanted to know what the Nordecke is all about but didn't know who to ask. Well here's your chance to learn a little bit more about the craziest section in Black & Gold land. Listen as we take a look into the Nordecke, learn about some of the supporters clubs and the fans who call it home.



John Clem - President of the Crew Union cheering on the Crew in the Nordecke

Blake Compton - Hudson Street Hooligans

Lisa Webb-Phillips - Crew Season ticket holder in the Nordecke- hugging Brian Carroll

Greg Graven- Crew Fan

Major Awesomeness and Genreal Juicer of the Yellow Nation Army

Taylor Luksic and "The green guy" enjoy a game from the front row of the Nordecke

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