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BLOG: What should I do?

I know what you are thinking.  No, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the recent LeBron James Nike commercial.  It has everything to do with Saturday and you might be asking yourself "what should I do?"  Halloween is over, no Ohio State game, what should I do this Saturday afternoon. 

Luckily, I am here to tell you exactly what you should do.  YOU, should take your talents to Crew Stadium.  At 4 PM on Saturday the Columbus Crew will be battling it out for a chance to play in the Eastern Conference Championship.  The Colorado Rapids are going to try to come into Columbus and get a W.   I think we all know the more hostile environment Crew Stadium is the great chances are that the Crew will send the Rapids home with a big L. 

So, what is the key ingredient for a hostile environment?  Yes, the banners, drums, streamers are all great but they lose their effect if they don't have YOU and your talents there!  Honestly, what else will you be doing on a Saturday afternoon?  No, the homework and housework excuse won't work with me.  Basically, there are NO excuses.

Here is a quick recap: You + all your black and gold gear + your voice + Crew Stadium + 4PM Saturday ='s what YOU will do!!

That is the true key to success!  See you all there! 

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