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Postgame Quotes - Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union Team Manager Peter Nowak


On first win:

“It was really important.”

“Getting the second consecutive shutout, I don’t think we gave any shots on goal. So, from any kind of perspective it was good.”

“It was around sixty-five minutes feeling that we got to hold up. I think it was very important to the confidence. They start to see now that the work pays off and we got to keep going.”


On missing Califf and guys playing on short notice:

“I’m happy for these guys. It’s not always the first eleven…I think we have a good fourteen guys that did a pretty good job today and we deserved to win.”


On how Califf was injured and what his status is at this point:

“He didn’t feel well after our game versus Vancouver. The hamstring started getting tired, so we put him on hold because of the bye we had. And the doctor’s and the medical staff did a pretty good job to try to bring him back.” “He was in the starting lineup, but then he went to do the warm-up and all of a sudden the stuff got worse, much worse…So it’s not me, I love Danny Califf. Don’t get me wrong.”


On Ray’s Play:

“From the beginning you see that he was just trying to be secure…When the time goes by, he was not shy to go forward as well. It’s a great start for the youngster like that.”


On Freddy’s Play

“It was very good.”  “I think Freddy did alright. He’s still progressing.”



Philadelphia Union Player Quotes


Ray Gaddis

On his emotions:


“I don’t think i had any emotions. Coach always tells us to feel prepared, and I felt prepared. I knew had to step up for the team and get three points today.”


On what he was thinking when hearing that he would be in the starting XI:


“I didn’t really think about it. I’ve been playing soccer all my life, this is what I do. You live for this moment.”


On the fans:


“The fans were amazing today. The intensity, how loud they were, it was a tremendous thing.”


On whether he had any nerves making his professional debut:


“I wasn’t too nervous, this is what I love to do. The team helped me on the field, telling me where to go and how to play.”


On what it meant to get a win in his debut:


“It feels great knowing that we got the three points in my debut. Hopefully the momentum will carry on to next week.”


On what the match means for his confidence:


“It felt really good. The coaching staff is confident in all the players here.  So when you hear the coaches call your name, you have to perform.  It does wonders for my confidence to get to play the full 90 and get three points.”


On how his teammates helped him in his debut:


“I have tremendous teammates; they were encouraging me before the game, saying “Come on Ray, come on Ray.” Everyone out on the pitch helped me make the transition to my first professional game.  Sheanon was playing behind me and conducting me, telling me to do this and that.  My teammates helped me tremendously.”


On getting into the attack from right back:


“I like getting forward. It puts the other team under a lot of pressure and creates avenues and opportunities for other players to get on the ball.  Getting up and down the lines is something the coaches preach, and I enjoy it.”

Gabriel Gomez:

On getting 3 points

We worked this past week to get this result. We have to congratulate the group, all teammates, our attitude and our dedication, and the supporters.

 On scoring the penalty kick:

I try to make the best out of every situation hoping to score the goal and win. But for me, it’s all about teamwork rather than our individual game. I congratulate the team.

On his substitution:

These are decisions made by the technical staff and I need to respect them as a player. He sees the game from another perspective and creates strategies. I was substituted but I believe that the entire team is working hard and the player that enters the field is going to give his best.

 Carlos Valdes

On the game’s result:

I think that the most important thing today was winning. We lacked attitude sometimes. But the situation we were in, the pressure that we felt from the people, and the necessity to win encouraged us to get these results. We were able to meet our objectives and get those three points.

On what supporters can expect from the team:

I think that this is what we need right now. We needed a victory to start showing who we really are. We have had good matches but unfortunately, we haven’t had the best results. But we have a team that knows how to play soccer, a team with young players, a team with a lot of experience, and good dynamic. Every day, we are getting along better and people can expect this team to only get better.


Columbus Crew


Coach Robert Warzycha


On handball:

“It’s tough when you lose the game on calls like that. If it’s a penalty it’s a penalty, but it’s tough when you lose like that.”


On missing key guys:

“I can’t say that I’m disappointed with the performance. I think they did a very good job.”


Columbus Crew Players


Andy Gruenebaum, #30:

“I mean, you got to put it behind you as quickly as possible, because I mean, really and truthfully, it’s not like they created a ton of chances, you know, they had one good look off the cross, the PK obviously. I thought we had a few mild calls that didn’t go our way, I mean other that, I just had the, I don’t I made another save, I was mostly a spectator. But, you know, I think at times we were a little too direct, I think you know we need to sometimes just settle down and try to pick them apart, I mean I don’t know. We battled, we just have to put this behind us, and I mean, turn around and produce”


“Yeah, no, I mean, I think there were a lot of you know, questionable calls, non-calls, but I mean it’s tougher in the heat of the moment to pick out, you know, that sort of thing it’s not my job to be a referee I just have to play the game that’s being called. Um, bottom line is especially on the road, you can’t leave it in the officials hands, and um, you know we need, we need to do a better job, maybe at, like I said not playing at certain times, but I think you know, bottom line we need to score some goals as well. You know whatever the calls were we can’t control that, so we can only control our matches”


“No I don’t think so, I think we came out with some energy, I think some of the play really was choppy, not as clean as you’d like, but at the same time, like I said, it’s not like they were picking us apart. I mean, they’re a tough team to play against, but at the same time I think that you know, I think that it doesn’t, I think the result is a little unfair at the end”

“I have not, I did not see him around, maybe text him, but you know, I’ll do that when the time comes”


Bernardo Anor, #7:

“We mix it up tactically, pretty well, and unfortunately because of a PK, they won the game.”


Eric Gehrig, #16:

“It stings, it stings bad. It stings more than anything, you know…”

“We gotta do it at practice, you know, we’ve got to put it together. This weekend we were good defensively, we had some good chances.”

“I mean at this point, I’m not going to worry about it, I’m not gonna use that as an excuse you know. I feel like I’m a contributor to the team, I just have to be ready as a professional, and uh, just unfortunate that it didn’t happen today.”




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