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Postgame Quotes - D.C. United

Columbus Crew Head Coach Robert Warzycha
On whether the result is a step backwards after two consecutive wins:
“I don’t think so. I think we came here to play. I don’t remember D.C. United creating that many chances. They had a couple of turnovers in the first half but most of the time, especially in the second half, we controlled the game but just couldn’t score.”

On Arrieta:
“D.C. United has very good defenders so obviously we had to sit back a bit. I think he was trying to play as good as he could and he had a decent game. You obviously want fifty crosses to you every single game but that’s impossible.”

On D.C. United’s goal:
“It was a pretty good play but we should have stopped them before they reached the box. It was a lucky bounce and Pontius was in the right place.”

Columbus Crew Goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum   
On the result of the match:
“There were some calls that I didn’t think went our way, and United got some calls that went their way that could have gone either way. You can’t make excuses obviously, but that didn’t help us. United also had some bounces that went their way, and that is how they scored their goal.”

On whether the result was a step backwards after two consecutive wins:
“You can always say that a loss is a setback but we have a game next week plus a busy August schedule which means that we can’t dwell on it. Everyone battled hard. Now we have to take care of our bodies and make sure that we’re ready for what’s coming next. We have a couple of upcoming games at home that we have to win.”

On the humidity:
“It’s taxing, but it’s taxing for both teams. Also, it’s not like it’s any less hot than in Columbus so we’re dealing and training with the same elements. It should not be used as an excuse.”

Columbus Crew Midfielder Eddie Gaven
On what was missing in the final third:
“We were close but the last pass and the last shot weren’t there. We were doing a good job at getting balls into the box but the ball just didn’t seem to bounce our way tonight.”

On the physicality of Columbus’ game:
“We didn’t want to let United get into too much of a rhythm at home and we wanted to take them out of their comfort zone. We did a good job with that in the first half since they didn’t create too many good looks at goal. It was good from that standpoint, but we just got to find our way to get goals on the other end.”

On the temperature and humidity:
“It was the same as well for them so we can’t use that as an excuse. We just got to work through it and find a way to keep on playing.”

D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen
On Nick DeLeon’s performance:
“Early, he wasn’t real tuned into the game and about 15 minutes before the end of the first half he started to click again.  We saw some of that early-Nick DeLeon and that was nice. In the second half, he did a lot of work, but mainly, he made a great individual play to get us 1-0.”

On the defensive effort:
“It was very tough down that stretch. They just kept coming and coming and throwing a lot of numbers forward. When they do that, they are going to get looks and crosses and two-v-ones and I thought we held up fairly well. We were committed. I would have liked to dictate the game a little bit more down the stretch. I think we got a little too tired. We weren’t moving for each other and there weren’t as many options. We were looking for that second maybe a little too much instead of just getting a hold of the game again.”

On Daniel Woolard’s injury:
“We’ll evaluate it. It sounded like he got his bell rung a little bit. We will evaluate him.”

On Emiliano Dudar stepping in to the back four:
“He had some errant passing that didn’t help us at times, but he also had some passing and calmness that really does help us. I thought overall he had a pretty good day.”

On the beginning of the game:
“I thought they [Columbus Crew] were a little chippy and they had some bad tackles. I didn’t like the way the referee protected our players early in that game. I thought they set a tone early that I thought they should have been booked a couple times.”

On Nick DeLeon’s rookie season:
“The college season is so short and to concentrate for this duration is tough. It’s a long time. You see it in the second year guys – they know how to concentrate for long periods and each year it gets a little bit better.”

On Long Tan’s Performance:
“He was good. His work rate is unbelievable. We didn’t find him as much as we needed to in behind. I have to look at the film, but I think he made some very good runs. If we find him, he can be very dangerous. I was hoping he could have got a goal. He did a great job on the goal to get a little flick on there. He put a good night in for sure.”

D.C. United Defender Brandon McDonald:
On the win:
“I just think it was more fight from us right down till the end. When that final whistle blew it was great. We kind of gritted our teeth and stuck our foot in. “

On the team’s defensive effort:
“I just think that it was unbelievable. We were smart on the ball. They [Columbus Crew] were getting their success toward the last 25 minutes from us giving the ball away. It was something where we have to be smart on the ball. I was glad to come away with three points but at the same time, it was a battle.”

On Dudar’s return to the lineup:
“It was great. He’s a big presence back there. He’s a big guy. He’s vocal and his presence is great.”

D.C. United Midfielder Chris Pontius
On his goal:
“I saw [DeLeon] get into the corner, he had to beat two guys and he made it happen. Somehow he got the ball across, Long [Tan] did a good job of getting it on goal and there’s a rebound for me and I just tried to anticipate something happening.”

On Nick DeLeon’s rookie season:
“It’s tough. You go from having a three-month season to all of a sudden – with preseason – ten plus months. Consistency is the hardest thing as a rookie, but I think he’s found his groove back. I just told him the thing that makes him successful is him going at guys, and you saw that tonight, putting defenders on their heels.”

On United’s defensive performance:
“We had our chances in the first half but couldn’t put them away. Our defense was unbelievable tonight. They had a couple of good looks too but we had players diving all over the place and laying out for it, so credit it all to them [the defense] for the shutout.”

On the importance of tonight’s win:
“It was a huge game for us, especially starting off this month were we have a lot of games. We need to make up some ground in the Eastern Conference.”

D.C. United Midfielder Nick DeLeon
On Chris Pontius’ goal:
“[Chris] Korb played a ball down the line and I just heard the sideline [coaches] saying ‘go at them, go at them.’ He gave me a little space towards the line and I went at him. Fortunately enough I got [the ball] through and we got the goal.”

On the deciding to do a 360 turn in the play:
“That was just a bad touch. The defender was coming, so I just improvised. It worked out for the best. We got the goal and we got the win, so I’m happy about that.”

On his rookie season:
“I got off to a good start, then I picked up that injury and I felt like mentally I got into a little slump. Recently I’ve just been focusing on amping my game up to the next level. You can never be satisfied with where you are at, so these past few weeks at practice I’ve been working hard, pushing it and trying to get to that next level. I guess I kind of showed it in the game that I’m trying to get back there.”

On the difference between playing on the left and right side:
“It’s a little different, takes a little bit getting used to it. But it’s not bad. Wherever [Ben Olsen] puts me, I’ll play.”



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