Eddie Gaven salutes Urso

Moment of the Match: Gaven Pays Respect to Urso

Though Eddie Gaven's 58th minute strike put the Crew ahead 2-1 and eventually gave the club a hard-earned road point, it was what happened after that was the most memorable moment of the match. When the ball hit the net, Gaven immediately reached for the number 15 patch on his jersey and kissed it in honor of his fallen teammate, Kirk Urso. Here is Gaven's explanation of what the goal meant to him:

"[Urso] was the first thing that came to my mind after it went in the net. I was wishing Kirk was out there with us. He's obviously still going to be in our hearts throughout the whole year. [The badge] is right there over our chests. We're going to be playing to honor his memory each and every game."


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