Robert Warzycha

Postgame Quotes - Crew vs. Union

Columbus Crew Head Coach Robert Warzycha

Overall thoughts on the match:

Giving up two goals in the second half I think we responded pretty quickly and that was the key. Giving up two goals like that in the second half is not something we usually do, but it was a very important game for us and for Philadelphia obviously. We knew a loss for them would have been the end of the playoffs,and sometimes there are games like this. It was a battle on the field. In the end I'm happy that we scored the last goal.

On conceding two second half goals:

The first [Philadelphia] goal was a penalty and obviously there was a good through ball. The second goal was deflection that went off of one of the players and the ball went somewhere where Andy [Gruenebaum] couldn‚t go. We have to be aware of the players in the box and we need to do a better job.

On Jairo Arrieta's two-goal performance:

Yeah, I think he was very effective. He scored two goals in the first half and had another chance in the second half. We debated whether or not to take him off. He was limping more and more and we had fresh guys on the bench, so we decided to put them on the field.

On Josh Williams‚ attacking play on the third goal:

I think it's natural for players to go forward. We don't stop them from doing it. On the last play I think we were desperate, because we needed to push forward as far as we could. We had to push for the goal, we only had four minutes, and we didn't know there were going to be six minutes of extra time. I‚m happy that [Josh Williams] went forward. That‚s not something we designed for the game. If there is space to move forward, we ask for the defender to do that every single time.

On whether or not the third goal was offside:

I'm not an official, so I don't know how tough it is. I'll take [the goal].

Columbus Crew Forward Jairo Arrieta

Overall thoughts on the match:

It was going to be a tough game. We knew that coming in. We worked hard and went up 2-0, and after that we made some mistakes and [Philadelphia] tied the game. We kept working hard and we didn't give up. We scored the winning goal and in the end we stuck by each other.

On scoring the Crew's first two goals:

It's important for me to score goals because that's my job, but it's more important for the team to win. It's not worth it for me to score goals if the team loses. It's important that I help the team reach the goals we have set for the season, and tonight I was able to do that.

Columbus Crew Midfielder Milovan Mirosevic

On scoring the match-winning goal:

I don't know if I was offside or not, but I just found the ball at my foot and I tried to score. All I saw was that ball coming at my foot and I knew I had to be ready, and fortunately I was.

On what the winning goal meant:

It was a relief to be honest, because it‚s very annoying to have two goals and to be winning and then give that up. We only had a few minutes to score again, so it was a huge relief to get the win we needed.

Crew Goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum

On the Crew's playoff chances after the win:

We're not going to be safe and secure until we take care of our business each and every game and control our own destiny. We took a big step tonight. Obviously, giving up two goals to tie the game isn't acceptable at home, and we're going to have to work that out. A win is a win, and we'll take it and we'll move on.  

On his assist to Jairo Arrieta:

I just saw the forward approaching and I knew I was going to have to drill it long. I was going to kick out wide, but then I saw Jairo one-on-one and just kind of got lucky with the way it bounced. He fended them off real well and it was a clean finish.

Union Head Coach John Hackworth

General thoughts on the game:

I'm very disappointed at the end result. We played well in the first half. We absorbed a lot of pressure in the first 15-20 minutes. I thought we established a little bit of control as the first half went on and had a big let up in the last couple of minutes. That was very unfortunate, because we didn't feel we should be going down 2-0 into halftime. That being said, the guys came out and really went after it in the second half, pushed the game to the point where we were maybe leaving ourselves a little bit vulnerable in the back. My hat's off to [the Crew], but I'm very proud of the effort of my team because they certainly did everything to try to get us level , and we got there. Then to have [Mirosevic's late winner] not called offside-- I just watched it a couple of times-- I'm amazed. I don't know what to say. It's not even close. It's a heartbreaker that way, for us to fight that hard and be that brave, then lose that way. We've been on the bad end of a lot of that this season. It's frustrating.

On the team's direction for the remainder of the season:

We've just got to keep performing well. We somehow continue to outplay our opponents in certain parts of the game, but  we're still making too many little mistakes. We've got to clean that up. We've got to continue to improve and build toward next year. Obviously, we're out of [the MLS Cup Playoffs race] at this point. We have a tough couple of games, the next five games coming up. We're just trying to make sure that we do the same things we have been and hopefully build some momentum going into next year.

Union Midfielder Brian Carroll

General thoughts on the loss:

It's unfortunate to go down 2-0 at half with the way we were playing, but we battled back. We showed some spirit and everything was looking positive there for a little bit. We switched off for a minute and that's what can happen. It;s just something that has happened a couple of times now. It's something we have to continue to learn from and grow from. Credit to the guys for fighting back for everything. I guess it's just unfortunate to finish it off better.

On the second half turnaround:

I think it was really just the whole game: keeping possession, getting in good spots, moving the ball around. We just finally started creating some opportunities a little bit in a little bit bigger holes. The guys did a good job drawing a PK, Jack [McInerney] getting into dangerous spots. It just started to open up for us. We finished those chances that we were creating in the first half. It's unlucky, unfortunate. It feels just as bad.

Union Forward Jack McInerney

On his equalizer:

It just shows what kind of team we have. We're not in the playoffs, we're 2-0 down, and we fought back like that. Then we give up a soft goal. It's a little disappointing.

On the team's focus for the rest of the season:

I think we have to progress for next year, get better. We've got a lot of players that can play different positions and I think we can find a team that can put a win out there every night.