Moment of the Year nominee: Nordecke goes silent for Urso


On August 15, the Black & Gold took the field at Crew Stadium for the first time since the sudden death of rookie midfielder Kirk Urso. To honor Urso, the Nordecke went silent from 15:00-15:59 during the match, and followed with a bagpipes-led rendition of 'Amazing Grace.' Here are the accounts of Eric Gehrig and Ethan Finlay: 

"It was amazing for the crowd to do that. It just shows how much the fans, for one love us, and they love Kirk. It was a classy sign of respect. I know Kirk was looking down. I know his family was here and they really appreciated it too. Everything that was done today for Kirk was really good. There were definitely some emotional moments in the first part with that video. I know it brought some tears for us. Kirk was looking down on us and he'll be looking down on us from now on."- Eric Gehrig 

"It was definitely super special. I actually didn't really realize it at first, and then all of a sudden, the Nordecke went silent and so did the stadium. You could hear a cricket out on the field. It was definitely special. I'm sure the guys on the field were even looking around and wondering what exactly was going on, and then realizing.... It was a nice tribute to [Urso]."- Ethan Finlay

The Nordecke's moment of silence for Urso was the most emotional memory of the 2012 season. Was it your overall Moment of the Year? Have your say when voting takes place December 19-21.

Moment of the Year candidates:

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Nominee #5 - Nordecke goes silent for Urso

Voting takes place December 19-21. The winning moment will be announced on Monday, December 24.

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