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Postgame Quotes - Chivas USA

Thoughts of the game: “I think the first game on the road is always tough. Chivas has a new team, a new coach, and a lot of expectations. I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a very difficult game for us, we came in with a game plan and tactically the guys did very well.

On Chivas USA’s performance: “The first goal was a good shot from distance, but they also had a couple of crosses that could have led to a goal, so I give them credit. They were pushing, they were buzzing, but it didn’t seem like anything went their way tonight.”

On his team’s performance: “We brought some new players in who are good tactically and they have a good sense of where they are on the field. I have to say that in the first half we lost the ball probably once or twice in front of our box, which we gave an opportunity to Chivas, which should have made the match 1-0.”

Thoughts on his goal: “It was a pretty play, a combination between Arrieta and Eddie Gaven. I don’t  remember which other teammate were involved. I received the ball from outside the box about 25, 30 yards and I had the confidence to shoot at the goal. I kicked it and, with luck, it went in.”

Thoughts on his team’s performance: “We enjoyed a good game on all levels. When we needed to be aggressive on offense we were. When we needed to provide pressure we did it well. When we needed to manage the game by dominating the ball we also did it well and we were consistent overall.”

On the team’s mentality:  “We try to avoid conforming and worked hard during the preseason by playing lots of friendlies. I think that was a positive, but preparation games are not the same as season games. Today, I think that the team had a great game on all levels. We hope to continue getting better.”

On his goal: “It was late in the game and I could see that they were dragging a little bit just from fatigue. The middle kind of opened up, it was a one-on-one battle, I baited my guy a little bit. Attacked the middle and Eddie [Gaven] played a good ball in and I made good contact.”

On season opening win: “It’s huge for us. We wanted to get out of the gates fast. We have been notorious for kind of coming out slow. We definitely wanted to come out and make a statement.”
On the team’s potential: “I actually don’t think we are even close to what we can be. We are still a little off, just as far as touch and creativity up front. We are going to take this game in stride, but I think we are a long way from where we want to


Thoughts on the match: “Tonight, Columbus was the fair winner. However I liked the way my team played and how we fought throughout the game, but we need some more tools to solve the game and I need to provide those tools for my team, I’m responsible for that. I didn’t provide the tools to my team but I have what is hard to get, a team that fights the 90 minutes of the game. I’m very proud of my team and this is just the beginning.”

Style of MLS play: “Perhaps the difference is that here [MLS] they send the ball long over the top more. Unfortunately, nowadays soccer has gone more toward the physical side than the technical side. In other words, it seems like now the style of playing if lean toward the physical side all around the world.”

The importance of being relentless: “I thank God for the team that I do have, the objectives that I set myself with for today were accomplished. This is a team that fights all the way. However, this team still needs the necessary tools to score and the result was fair. They [Columbus] were better than us tonight. This team [Chivas USA], I’m sure is going to succeed. This team has what any team requires to succeed which is, they never stop fighting and never walks with their head down, they look ahead and fight.”

Thoughts of the game: “We didn´t win but is not the end of the world. It’s the first game of the season and we know that we have to do it better. It is important to win the next game.”
Style of MLS play: “It´s different, it´s not easy, but we are going to make it happen. In general the MLS has a very good level of play.”

About the result: “They [Columbus] capitalized on their opportunities, and we didn’t. They have players that made the difference, but now we have to think and be ready for the next match. This game served as a measuring stick. We need to improve for our match next week, stay grounded and not overreact over the result.”

About the game: “I think we can be better at passing the ball and play a little bit better, everybody, including myself. We competed really well; I do think the score lines were definitely unfair because we created some opportunities throughout the game. I can’t say how disappointed I’m, I came in tonight really excited about this game wanting a win if not a tie. However, there is still plenty of soccer to be played.”

Style of MLS pace: “Hopefully we have a quick learning curve for all the guys who are new, and now they understand how physical and cruel this league can be. There is going to be an acclimation period for anyone who is new.”
On the outcome of the game: We were literally a bounce here or there to evening the game up so I’m not going to put too much emphasis on the score line. We need to make sure we can build on this going into our next home match.


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