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Post-match Quotes - Philadelphia Union


On his team’s performance:

I think it’s difficult to explain why we started the game like we started. I think the last seventeen years we were trying to be the team that started the game the right way – especially at home – and go and put the pressure [on the other team] and win games. Maybe that’s why sometimes we were not successful because we gave up the first goal, and that’s what happened in previous years, and maybe last year it was a little bit different … but even the year we won the [MLS Cup] championship we would give up the first goal, chase and win the game. I want to change something  - last year we had the sign that we could change something and actually be aggressors and score the first goal and today was completely the opposite. I don’t know to explain it. You have to look at practice, maybe the bye week threw us off a little bit because we were in good form when we played against D.C. The second half we changed the formation a little bit, but mostly we had a little more energy. We started to play, chase the guys, win 50/50s – we had a little bit more idea of how we play.

On his disappointment with his team’s first half performance:

We did some good things in the first half, but the energy level was not good.
On Eddie Gaven’s positioning in the second half:

I think Eddie [Gaven] played a little bit higher. He would create turnovers and run at people and that’s what you want Eddie to do. I think we had to put the pressure a little higher on their players and push the ball into the right areas, and Eddie did that.
On his team’s tactical awareness in the second half:

I think we were trying to push for the goal to be honest with you. The final pass wasn’t there, so [Philadelphia] wouldn’t be able to go and counterattack us – so that’s what you have. Maybe the second line with Ben Speas and Dominic Oduro should have been deeper so that we would mark the space instead of going too high and being in-line with the forwards, but if you’re a player you have to recognize the situation and read it tactically.
On starting Dominic Oduro at forward:

You can’t go wrong with Dominic [Oduro] or [Jairo] Arrieta. They’re both good very good players, and having success in D.C. and playing very well, it wasn’t right to put Dominic on the bench.
On the team’s performance thus far:

I think that was our fifth game, and if I was to ask you if you liked the first four [games] you’d say yes. We played 45 minutes without energy today and I don’t think I need to change anything. We just need to have a better attitude and bring some more energy and talk on the field more. That’s something that’s very easy to fix – I can’t panic right now … I think we have four and a half games where we played pretty well and 45 minutes where we didn’t bring energy … we got one point today and now we have to go to Montreal and try to get three [points].


On what led to Dominic Oduro’s goal:

Danny [O’Rourke] played me a really good ball and I just took a touch and I saw Dom [Dominic Oduro] make a really good run to the right side of the box. I just played it to him and he did all the rest. Great shot by him; great goal. It was nice to get one.

On the mentality in the locker room at halftime with the team down a goal:

It wasn’t a fun place to be in here. We didn’t play very well during that first half and we knew it. There were things that we definitely needed to change and I think we did. We played much, much better in the second half which was good. It was nice to be able to come back at the least and get one point from this game. It’s always better than losing at home. That was obviously nice to see but there’s definitely some things that we can learn from. We have to come out better. We can’t go down in a hole and think that we’re going to be able to come back like we did tonight. Hopefully we can just learn from it and make it better next game.

On defending the Philadelphia counter attack:

I think we were making it tough for ourselves. We were losing some balls in some very bad areas and when we did that they were kind of all over us at that point. They probably could have scored three or four goals if they had a little bit better finishing but at the same time I thought we could have scored two to three goals. We didn’t play that well during the first half. We still created some decent looks and I should’ve had one [a goal]. Like I said, it was nice to come back and get one point from this game.


On the goal:

I saw Eddie [Gaven], we made eye contact, I made the movement and he made the right pass. I was just praying for glory, hitting the ball from that angle. I was hoping that it would go off somebody to tuck it in. I'm glad it went in.

On the draw:

At the end of the day, we're disappointed we didn't get three points but at least we didn't lose. We'll focus on the positive side of the game and move on.

On traveling to Montreal next week:

It's going to be tough. We have two tough road games, but we're just going to keep doing what we're doing. I think we've shown well on the road this season because of the stuff that we've been doing. We'll keep our heads up and do what we did at D.C. and on the West Coast. I think we'll be okay to pick up some points on the road.


On if he was surprised not to start:

I had a conversation with Robert [Warzycha] and obviously I came here to be a starter like every player. Robert decided to go with another player. I accepted the decision of the coach and what I need to do know is work harder and try to convince the coach, Robert, that I can be the starter the next game. If not, I need to keep working hard until I get the chance again.

On his impact on the second half:

I came in with the idea of a lot of movement up front and try to create a lot of problems for the defenders. So it helped me in the second half we were more aggressive, more offensive. I tried to help the team in any way I could and that’s the reason I did everything I did. I’m happy with the performance of the team in the second half but one point at home is not enough.

On what he saw in the first half:

I watched the first half from the bench, supporting the team from the bench, trying to help them in any way I could. In the second half, I came in and tried to work hard and tried to score goals and try to win the game and tried to do my best for the best of the team.


On tonight’s result:

It was one of those crazy games. I thought we were the much better team in the first half and should have had multiple goals, but we just kept on missing opportunities. Then, in the second half, they [the Columbus Crew] were really good and the tide turned a little bit on us.  It was frustrating to give one up and I thought we were going to steal one ourselves. We had a couple really good looks, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  Columbus is a really good team.  Obviously I’ve seen a lot of their games and they are one of the best teams in the league.  To come into a good stadium where we have never got any points, we have to walk away and say to ourselves, “that was a good result.”

On first-half tactics:

What we felt we could do against them, we were able to do it. We got in behind them a couple of times and that was key. What was unfortunate was that we did not take advantage of those opportunities because they were all really good looks.

On adjusting to the Crew’s substitution to bring on Jairo Arrieta:

I think with them going with three up front and stepping higher with a lot more pressure, for whatever reason, we just couldn’t find our game. They were definitely putting everything forward to try to get back into it. I think it’s a credit to them in the second half, but I thought we dealt with the pressure well – but obviously not good enough.  

On Sebastien Le Toux coming off the bench:

It’s great when you can bring a player of [Sebastien] Le Toux’s quality off of the bench.  There were a lot of quality guys that were not in the starting 11 and that’s a credit to our team. I think we are a lot deeper than most people give us credit for, but to have him [Le Toux] in particular come off of the bench is a huge advantage for us.


On securing the Union’s first-ever point in Crew Stadium:

A draw is certainly better than nothing. I felt we had a good game plan and executed that for the most part.  On a different day, maybe we finish a few more chances and get out of here with our first three points ever. But a point is better than nothing and we just have to build on it.

On first-half tactics:
The guys were just taking positive touches and moving the ball around quickly.  We got behind them, not with ease, but we got behind them in very dangerous situations and should have put a couple more away. Credit to the guys [the Columbus Crew defenders] for getting to their positions and making it difficult on us.  We just have to continue that pressure and gain more possession. I’m proud of the effort; we just have to build on it.

On Jack McInerney’s goal:

It was just great combination play.  We were ahead on a break with numbers and the finish was calm, cool and collected. Great sequence and we had few more great sequences like that. With time, and as the season goes along, we’ll finish those off a little better.


On earning a point in Crew Stadium:

We knew the task at hand coming in to Columbus having not won here before.  The boys fought hard.  We got a good early goal, but we should have had more.  We put the pressure on them, but then they put the pressure back on us in the second half and we held firm.

On bouncing back after the loss in New York:

We know that on the road we’re going to have to fight.  We learned a lot about ourselves with [Thierry] Henry scoring a late goal.  So when it got towards the 80th minute, the whole backline lead the team and stood firm. Luckily, we came away with a good result.


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