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Post-Match Quotes - Montreal Impact


About the game...

I think there were two beautiful goals scored today. These are two teams that are very mature and they were battling for the win. Also playing away from home is always hard.

About field conditions...

The field was perfect. The guys on the field worked very, very hard to get it ready. The conditions were not ideal, but we have what we have and I think the conditions were okay. So I don’t have any complaints.

About Oduro`s goal...

He’s one of a kind. He took it pretty well and even with the ball bounce, he was able to put it in. He put it in a high place. It was at the end of the game and I think we had a good game plan and we secured it pretty well by scoring right after they scored, that was huge.


About his goal...

Honestly, I don’t even know how that ball came to me, it was a cross from Josh on the right side and I just tried to go for the goal and it was an amazing goal. This is one of those goals that I think I will cherish in my MLS life. It felt fantastic; it’s not every day that you score a goal like that. I thought we played well and it gave me an opportunity to bend a goal like that. I have to keep my confidence up and hopefully score some goals again. That goal was a relief for us, to tell us we were doing something really good and I was glad I was at the end of it.  

About the game...

We played really well compared to last weekend. We all went back to the table, wrote a plan and executed it, which is what we are supposed to do every week. We have fantastic coaches and the players were in sync and I thought we did well on that, so we’re just going to keep our heads up.



On the game:

We knew it was going to be a tough game here. The field was tough, the weather turned out to be really nice. On Montreal’s goal, they hit it with some pace and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to it. Then, it was a great finish, just to get Oduro’s confidence going at such a high level of play and I don’t know how he finished that so well, with his left foot especially, but we will take it and build off of what we accomplished.

Defensive shape:

I thought we did a good job of countering that ‘‘through ball’’ they like to send in the midfield and doubling back with Viana and Dany. I thought we did a really solid job of frustrating them, especially in the first half. They obviously like to overload on one side or the other and they do a great job of movement and so I thought our communication was great and we knew going in that if our communication wasn’t good that they would be able to play through us easily. So communication was key. To get a point here, especially with the conditions we had; staying an extra day, playing a noon game, you never know what to expect, so I thought we did a great job and we can build off of that and head to Chicago now


On the positives of this game…

It’s probably one of the first times this season we took control of the game. We had the ball more often and we created chances. Visiting teams are going to come here and shoot for a tie, so naturally they’d want to close down the middle. For us, we had to create from the wings and find some depth. I think we did that well in the second half with Justin Mapp and then Sanna Nyassi. We did enough to win in my opinion, but we’ll take the point, especially with all the outside factors like the delay, losing Ferrari just before game time and coming off of a two week break.

On playing with a two week break…

When you have a lot of time between games, you have to train accordingly to make up for that down time. You have to slowly build the preparation in training until game day, and when you have two weeks off, you have to spread that out.

On what he told his team at half time…

We basically told the players that we have to clean out the box a little better. We lost a few balls when we tried to restart the attack from our defensive zone. We also wanted to keep a closer eye on Higuain and we asked Patrice (Bernier) to stay a little deeper defensively. I think we did all those things well.


On attacking from the flanks…

I enjoy going forward more. Obviously we needed to be more  dangerous in the final third and I think Hassoun (Camara) and I can help in that regard, but today the final third just wasn’t good enough at times.

On a better second half…

We were happy with effort in the second half, but we wanted the three points. Giving up that goal right after we scored ours was kind of a dagger in our hearts. We are going to take a look at things this week, see where we need to tighten up and see where we can be more dangerous in attack.

On the postponement, did it affect the team?

We had a good day of training yesterday and I think we all took it as another day to just compose ourselves. We were ready, but we just didn’t get the result.

On finding out last minute that he’d be in the starting Xl…

The mentality is different because you think you’re starting on the bench. The preparation is a little different as well, but I’ve always said you have to be ready at all times in case you get your number called, and I was good to go.

On the game…

I think we played pretty well, especially in the second half when we were able to create more scoring chances. Their goal came off of a half-chance from an improbable strike, but other than that, we had the better of them.

On the condition of the field…

We were all wondering what the condition was going to be - a little worried - but it was playable; much better than I thought it would be. It was a little hard and there were some divots, but that was normal considering the circumstances.

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