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Post-Match Quotes: Houston Dynamo


On the result:

We were good enough to win the game. We created chances. I would say it was a fluke goal by them in the first half. I think it was one-way traffic but unfortunately we couldn't put anything in the back of the net. Their goalie made valuable saves.

On the conditions:

We play on the ground so [the wind] didn't have too much effect, to be honest with you, on the game. Maybe on their side. They played with the wind in the first half so maybe their kicks were a little bit deeper in the half, so maybe that was more difficult to defend, but they were not picking up second balls so there was not too much to worry about.

On Chad Barson's play:

I think he had a good second half to be honest with you. In the first half I don't think we gave him the ball enough. But in the second half obviously that space was open and obviously he was combining with Dominic [Oduro] and Pipa [Higuain] and a factor in that was the penalty.

On Federico Higuain dropping deeper:

If he is in the right position I think we have to give him the ball. The shot that he had at the end of the game and when he hit the post, it was very good play by him. I don't mind if he gets the ball in the middle of the field. I think there was a lot of space over there and he picked up some balls off [Jairo] Arrieta too. So as long as he's over there active I don't mind him being there.

On the upcoming game against Philadelphia:

We have to score goals. We have to be sharper in front of the goal.

On scoring frustrations:

We created a lot of chances. I'm not frustrated; the guys gave it all on the field. The attitude was good, the speed of play was good, the passing was good. I can't remember how many times they blocked our shots inside the box, which says a lot about their defensive ability. Our first chance in the second minute [Eric] Brunner caught [Jairo] Arrieta and blocked the shot, that would probably have been a goal. So I'm not frustrated; I wish that we would have scored our goals because the atmosphere would be much better and people would like it and everybody would be happier. And we would probably be high in the standings.

On replacing Eddie Gaven:

Eddie Gaven is a very good  player. He started every single game for us [and only] didn't start when he was injured in the beginning. That's a position up for grabs now because obviously Eddie is not going to be ready this year. Justin [Meram] had some good looks at the goal, especially the one when Pipa [Higuain] hit the post. He makes some good runs but I told the guys that it needs to be better.

On the shot off the post from Federico Higuain and the second chance:

That ball that Pipa [Higuain] hit off the post it slips out. I mean. It was a reaction to hit it. Wet surface, but you know for me, for my teammates I have to do better. I created a couple of chances here. You know I think that we were dominant. I liked the way we played. We possessed the ball. We got chances. I got taken out in the box, had a shot, [Jairo] Arrieta has that rebound. He has another shot that Tally [Hall] saves off of the line. We had four or five chances, they had one off of a cross and finish. We have got to look at that, we did well. I think we all have to go church – or I got to go to church or something – to figure out how to get that ball in the back of the net like in the Open Cup.
On inability to finish at home:
I do not know what we have to do differently. I think that we have to be a little more focused. We got to take training a little bit more seriously in front of the box. You know I talked to Dom [Oduro] and said we are outplaying guys, but we are not getting the results. Possess the ball, we got out wide. Pipa [Higuain] hitting the ball off the post. The chances are there. The luck it’s just … it’s going to turn. I think we are playing great soccer at this moment.
On the potential for another penalty when he was taken down in the box:
To be honest, it happened so fast. I am not going to flare my arms around and say that it is a PK. I will have to look at it and see, but I thought that I was ahead of him and he might have got my leg. If not, play on.  


On earning a penalty kick:

I just tried to step to the ball and beat the guy to it and luckily I got a touch and he took me down and Pipa [Higuain] was there to deliver a penalty kick.

On the energy of the team tonight:

I think the effort can’t be faulted today; everyone was working hard for each other. We are a little disappointed to come up short and just get a draw at home but I think we are moving in the right direction and we were the aggressor for most if not all of the game today.

On building from the match:

Absolutely, I think that this is a great match to build off of, a lot of good things. We can go back and look at the tape, but at the same time there are also things we need to correct as well.


On today’s performance:
We had some chances and they [The Crew] made a little bit of a push - one point is not so bad. Obviously going into halftime one to zero, you feel pretty good. We started off the second half pretty good too; I thought we had some good possession and some decent looks. You knew they were going to take some chances going forward and if that’s a penalty, then there you go … a tie’s a tie. I think it is a penalty and I’m not questioning the call, I’m just saying if that's the way it’s going to happen, then that’s the way it’s going to happen.

On the Crew’s home record:
I have not really paid attention to their home record; I’m just paying attention to the game tonight. If we can win here, then good for us.

On Kofi Sarkodie’s performance:
I think he wanted to play well and his movement for the goal was excellent – great attacking play and a great cross. I think Kofi wants to play well if it’s here [Crew Stadium], or in Houston, or anywhere else.

On Tally Hall’s performance:
He made a good double save when it was 0-0 at the time. He’s made some big saves and sometimes you need that when you’re on the road and under pressure.


On today’s match:
We were fortunate enough to go up in the first half and just unlucky enough to hold on to our lead. It’s a game of momentum and the momentum switched a couple of times. Throughout the game we had our runs and then they [The Crew] had their runs. Towards the end, we had to dig deep to hold them [The Crew] off on their last push

On Tally Hall’s performance:
It always helps when you have a great keeper such as Tally Hall in between the pipes - he held it down for much of the night. Unlucky to only give up the penalty kick, but he did fantastic job tonight.



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