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Post-match quotes: Crew at Toronto FC

Robert Warzycha – Head Coach, Columbus Crew

Your thoughts on today’s game…

It was another game that we couldn’t close and they scored a few goals in the last ten minutes of the game.

Thoughts on the play of the team after the first half…

The first 45 minutes was much better than the second 45 minutes.  They made two substitutions and tried to get a goal.  We defended pretty well  but then we forgot that we are here just to score goals too We can’t defend for 45 minutes without being successful so I thought we were punished for that.

How does the club prevent the late goals…

I think we have to look at ourselves and make sure we do more at the end of the games.

Thoughts on the return of (Agustin) Viana…

I think he had a good 79 minutes and then he was cramping a little bit.  But he did a good job.

Thoughts on the return of Jairo (Arrieta)…

He is a dangerous player especially in the first half he had a couple of chances that maybe he could put away but it was not his day.

Josh Williams  – Defender, Columbus Crew

Thoughts on today’s game…

There’s not much to say.  In the second half we were doing a lot of defending.  In the first half we were on the attack, in the second half they were on the attack.  It was a frenzy there at the end.  I don’t really know, I’m kind of in disbelief right now.  I don’t know really what to say, it seems like we lost focus there at the end.

What was it that happened in the second half of today’s game?

Like I said, those were two pretty goals, two good finishes, two balls in.  There’s not much else to say other than that.  We’ve got to keep our composure there from everybody from top to bottom.  When we get the ball we just can’t be clearing it out and defending, we need to keep the ball, starting from the back all the way up.

What are the things the club can do to prevent those late goals?

Toughen up.  Play with more heart.

Thoughts on looking forward to next week?

Practice hard.  Practice hard and we better win.

Andy Gruenebaum – Goalkeeper, Columbus Crew

Thoughts on today’s game and those two late goals down the stretch…

I thought the game played out the way Toronto Columbus games play out usually, just real chippy and very direct.  It seems that we always get a lead at some point and then what’s been happening this year seems to be pretty consistent.  We’ve given up late goals allowing other teams to get back in and use that momentum to bury us when we should be closing out games.  It starts with me.  Everyone needs to do better but that kind of stuff seems to be happening a lot this year.

Thoughts on the team’s defending in the first half as opposed to the second half?

When we get into these games it can be pretty similar in the way we both attack.  For some reason it ends up being very direct and in our game plan we wanted to get the ball down and play, win second balls and play a little bit.  In the second half, they got a little lucky on a break, a one-two inside the box and nothing was that much different in terms of the looks we were getting.  It’s pretty unexplainable to be honest.

Is this one tougher than last week?

I think when they pile on like they are, these are testing times and each person has to look at themselves.  It starts with me.  I didn’t obviously have the best game of my life out there and I need to take from this, look we are going through a tough time, and what can I do to get better.  Each person has to have that mentality and we have to be able to close out games.

Ryan Nelsen – Head Coach, Toronto FC

A bit of a different ending this time around?

It’s nice to be on the other end. In saying that I think it’s a learning experience, as a team you evolve through these kinds of things when certain things happen you have to work hard every day in training. You just keep working at the little things. You can just see it changing and it was nice to be on the other end of that one.

Bobby Convey had his hand in on both of the goals what do you think has been the difference in his play?

I think it’s just games under his belt. When he first came in he really didn’t play much at Kansas City and so your body isn’t really hardened to the ninety minute games. As it would to any person it takes a few game to get your body hardened and now we are seeing bobby playing like old, like an old Bobby Convey and he was instrumental in both goals as you said.

Ryan was there a sense of relief?

I don’t know about relief but I suppose so. The guys are desperate, they love the city, the club, the fans and they want to do that, they want to do it for everyone. They probably felt a bit more pressure and to just get that one and to get that monkey off the back is big. It’s something we have to build on; we got four points in the last two games now. Now we look to the next game and keep trying to improve every day.

Joe Bendik – Goalkeeper, Toronto FC

You let one in but you made some big saves to keep the team in it.

Obviously it was a mistake on my part. I bailed them out and the team bailed me out. Couple big saves right after and when the rain turned on something unleashed for us.

How does it feel to earn three points?

It feels good. Kevin Payne said it was justice but I think it is going to take about six more times for us in stoppage time to really call it justice.

Was it tremendous relief when you saw that one rolling in?

Yes, if you saw my celebration you would definitely see the sense of relief.

Andrew Wiedeman – Forward, Toronto FC

How does it feel to score such a big goal?

It felt great. Minutes have been hard to come by and it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride of a season. Bobby (Convey) got open down the line and put one over with his right foot; which you wouldn’t know that he had one before today. He put in a great ball and I was simply on the other end of it.

How did you feel about the opportunity to play today?

It feels great. It has been a while since playing. It felt good to get in, get some minutes and get a reward for it.

Jonathon Osorio – Midfielder, Toronto FC

Thoughts on today’s finish.

I think justice is finally served for us. We’ve been working hard and we’ve come close and we finally turned the tables today. I think we showed good character today.  The first half was not our best at all and when we came in at the half we regrouped and we turned it on in the second half.

How good does the three points feel today?

It feels great and I hope it’s not the last time we get three points.

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