TIm Howard 2009
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Dos a Cero in their words: Tim Howard

Ahead of Sunday's training session at Crew Stadium, U.S. National Team goalkeeper and 2009 Dos a Cero veteran Tim Howard shared his thoughts on the rivalry with Mexico and the home-field advantage of Crew Stadium.

"[The Mexico rivalry] is huge. It's everything for us, it's everything for them. Our federations, our countries, our fans: it's the biggest game you're playing...

[Crew Stadium] has been really good to us. We feel like we have a big time advantage here, both with the crowd and psychologically getting on the field and feeling like this is home for us. The crowd gives us an amazing advantage and thankfully we've had some really good results against big teams, including Mexico. It seems to always happen here. We'll look to use that to our advantage on Tuesday."


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