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CK Walsh

Crew Fall Classic brings talented youngsters to Columbus

For the second year in a row, youth soccer teams from around the country and beyond will converge on Columbus for the Crew Fall Classic, held this weekend.

The event will feature 240 games between 149 teams from eight different states and Canada. Teams will be arranged in divisions of boys and girls from ages eight to 14.

“We’ve been really pleased with the spread of teams that we have coming in,” said Director of Operations for the Crew Youth Tyler Thompson.

While other events held through the Crew feature older age groups, this is the only event meant specifically for the younger age divisions. Now in its second year, the Crew Fall Classic has already seen significant growth.

“It’s grown quite a bit just from last year to this year, which is nice to see,” Thompson said. “I think the success of our youth teams locally has helped to bring a lot of other clubs in that want to be a part of what we are doing.”

The event helps with the recognition of the Crew’s youth soccer program as it gets bigger and more successful on the regional, state and national levels, and it also provides young players with a chance to showcase their skills.

Players will also have the chance to attend Saturday’s match between the Columbus Crew and Sporting Kansas City at Crew Stadium.

“It’s really been a team effort,” Thompson said. “Everybody in our department has really pitched in to really help make this a successful event so far.”

Other upcoming Crew youth events include the Crew November Showcase (Nov. 8-10) and the Crew Cup and Showcase (May 17-19). 


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