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Post-match quotes: Crew at New England Revolution

Columbus Crew Interim Head Coach Brian Bliss

It was entertaining if you were sitting in the stands. Sitting on the bench, it’s a heart attack a second. We couldn’t play it any way other than that way, because of what was at stake. They were in the same boat we were, and the game opened up after the first call and it was an entertaining game. Both teams went at it. I need to look at the statistics, but I think we probably had a little bit more of the possession – a little bit more of the winning of the duels and pass count – which tells me we were playing and trying to push the game.

There was a little bit more direct play going, so we decided at halftime that if both teams are going to play a little more direct and look for second balls, then Aaron (Schoenfeld) would be a little more helpful than a couple of other guys we had on the bench and it proved to be right. I give (assistant coach) Mike Lapper a little bit of credit, because he pushed me in that direction.

It was a see-saw game. It’s just tough. You’re pushing the game and you get the game tied up. You give one up right away, then you come back again and get one, and right away we gave one back again. It’s very difficult to play that way. Look, if this was Game 17 of the season, we wouldn’t have been playing three in the back when we tied it up 2-2 or 1-1 – that’s insanity. We know the way the game’s got to be played to get the result. There’s high-risk involved.

We owe it to our fans to put the best product out there (next weekend.) It’s not going to all of a sudden turn around and throw out seven guys who haven’t played all season. We’ve got to go play. We’ve got to go play for our fans and ourselves. It’s certainly not a game we’re going to be throwing away, by no means.

Columbus Crew midfielder Will Trapp

We battled.  We just gave up some soft goals. It is a tough one to swallow, for sure. Coming back twice and then giving up that third one was kind of a dagger. But I thought we battled hard and I am proud of our guys.

I thought (Aaron) Schoenfeld did a great job coming in. (He was) Dynamic, fought for every ball, made it real difficult for their center backs and defenders. Anytime you can produce like he did today is awesome. I am really proud of him as well.

I think we need to just settle the game down a little bit (next weekend). Today was just hectic from the beginning to the end. It never really settled down. It is a tough way to play against a team like that, who is very dynamic and quick on the counter as well. So I think we need to just get a hold of the ball a little bit more and control the pace and make them work a little bit.

Columbus Crew defender Tyson Wahl

With all of the implications, we knew it was going to be a battle. Unfortunately, we let too many easy goals in. We had a good fight in the second half, it just wasn't enough tonight. I think we needed to be sharp on a couple more defensive plays and we weren't.

On the third Revolution goal:

I think we could have done a little better to stop them before they got that deep, myself included. We have to follow runners in the box and that guy was pretty open.

I’m not sure what the game plan is coming off of this pivotal game. Obviously, (Brian) Bliss is going to decide what the game plan is. I’m not sure how we regroup from here but always play to win. 


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