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On the Record: Hejduk on Berhalter

On what Gregg Berhalter will bring to the Crew:

“I can definitely speak to what he brought as a player. He brought energy, he brought fight, grit and that ‘never-say-die’ attitude that the Crew stands for. He is going to bring that style of game: gritty and tough.  He has been a leader wherever he has gone. He has been the captain of teams over in Europe and here in MLS when he came back as well, so his leadership qualities speak for themselves and I think that is something the club really needs. Seeing him work at the Galaxy – as a coach as well – I think opened up my eyes to a whole new style of game and a whole new modern game. I think that is what he brings to the table. He is going to bring some fresh blood, some fresh trainings and that new-age style of training -- which when I was at [L.A.] reinvigorated me and it really resonated with the younger guys. 

He will bring the attributes that he brought as a player to what he stands for as a coach. [The Crew] will be in really good hands. He was a tough guy to play against, not only in games, but to be quite honest no one wanted to play against him in training because he brought it training-in-and-training-out. He really earned his stripes by the way that he trained and that was with 100 percent [effort].

I think that that is definitely is what this brand wants to be. We want to fight, we are gritty, we are in your face, we have that ‘never-say-die’ attitude, but we still at the same time know how to play football and express ourselves through football – and Gregg did that in a way that not too many centerbacks do. I think that will definitely be positive for our defenders. Additionally, he wants to play skillful, attack-oriented soccer. His modern, new style I think is going to really resonate with the club.”

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