Ross Friedman

Q&A: Ross Friedman and Matt Walker

Cody Sharrett: Do you remember your first Crew game?

Ross Friedman: I can't say I remember my first Crew game, we went to so many growing up. We've always been going to the games. I remember going to the U.S.-Jamaica games, U.S.-Mexico games growing up, the Women's World Cup in Crew Stadium, I've been here through all those, which is great. I remember watching Brian McBride, Jeff Cunningham and other guys playing through the years, and Frankie [Hejduk], and the development and growth of the organization is pretty cool.

Matt Walker: My first game… I've come to a few World Cup Qualifying games here and then I came the first time [New York Red Bulls forward Thierry] Henry came to Columbus a few years ago. I've been to so many games here, I can't remember to be honest.

CS: Which Crew players did you look up to growing up?

Friedman: I always used to watch Frankie because I was a rightback in the Academy and he loves to get up the line and get the ball in. He was very successful through his work ethic and his tenacity on the field. He was the guy when I was going to games that I would just focus-in on him and look at his positioning and how he goes about playing balls into midfield and getting forward.

Walker: I really liked [Guillermo Barros] Schelotto when he was playing here. He was fun to watch, and obviously they won MLS Cup then. It was exciting. If I was going to pick one player from the Crew, I'd say him.

CS: Who are you looking most forward to playing with on the Crew and against in MLS?

Walker: I'm looking forward to playing with [Federico] Higuaín and Willie Trapp again. We played together for a while, and obviously all the guys like Ben Speas and Chad Barson that I grew up playing with. Against, there are always big names like Henry and stuff. I don't think it will hit me until I get that opportunity to see them on the same field.

CS: What's your first purchase as a pro athlete going to be?

Friedman: I'm not sure. We've started talking about a car. I've got a Mustang right now, but it's in storage because it's a convertible and doesn't do well with snow. We're thinking about trading it in and getting a more practical car. That's the first thing on my mind.

Walker: I'm going to get my mother some flowers, first off. That might be the best decision on my part. I haven't thought much about it.


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