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Season Ticket Member profile: Chad Moon

Columbus Crew Season Ticket Membership extensions are in full swing! TheCrew.com is taking a look at select Crew Season Ticket Members who have extended their seats for the 2015 season. Remember to join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #OurCrew2015.

Six-year Season Ticket Member Chad Moon recently committed to a seventh season in 2015 by extending his membership on his Center Circle Club seats. Chad's dedication is on display at each home match by default: a resident of Peru, Indiana, Chad drives 195 miles over 3.5 hours to attend each home match. Mr. Moon recently talked with TheCrew.com about his experience as a Season Ticket Member.

Over your six years to date as a Season Ticket Member, do you have a favorite memory?

"The one game/memory that always stands out for me was two years ago when we played New England. It was the 4-3 game where both Higuain and Arrieta had a brace. Higuain scored a couple of goals off of free kicks. The Crew was down a couple of goals and came back. To me, that was the most exciting game I ever saw in my life. When you talk about a great Crew moment, great Crew game, I always go back to that game."

You drive over three hours to come to each home match. What about being a Season Ticket Member makes that level of commitment worth it?

"First and foremost, a good friend of mine was the first person I ever met when I went to a game over there in 2006. When I met him randomly, he said 'Welcome to the family. Anybody who comes in here and spends quality time in Columbus Crew Stadium following the Crew, you're part of the family.' That always stuck with me and has not changed since. I always feel like every time I'm there, I know people like they are my family members. It's just a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. The soccer is always competitive, especially if you're a big fan of the sport.

"The Crew has always been a family-oriented club. They want to make you part of the organization. They want to hear from you. They want your feedback. They want to hear you cheer for them. It's just always been a great, great experience. I'll tell you what, I've never had a negative experience over there. It's what gives me motivation to keep coming back game after game after game and wanting to see what the next chapter is in the Crew's story."

What do you make of the on-field development over your time as a Season Ticket Member, particularly this season with Anthony Precourt and Gregg Berhalter at the helm?

"To be perfectly honest, I don't want to say I was going to write-off the season, because I never want to write-off a season. I was one of the few people who expected a little bit more out of the club in terms of consistency. The winless stretch sort of shocked me; I thought they'd be a little more consistent. But overall, I can see where Mr. Precourt and Coach Berhalter are coming from -- establish a system of play, establish a type of player who fits in that system, find guys who fit their roles and let them have freedom to be who they are, develop as professionals and do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

"It's been proving, especially over the last few games, that they're giving them the time to get their confidence and show where they belong in the lineup. I think they're coming together more as a club and building that confidence. It's showing with results now. The down times were a learning experience for these guys so they could figure out what they needed to do. You can tell the positive energy is coming from Anthony Precourt and Gregg Berhalter. They're standing behind the guys 150%. I really, really respect that."

What would you say to someone considering becoming a Season Ticket Member or extending his or her Membership?

"I would tell them, first and foremost, the Columbus Crew is a soccer family. They welcome you in, game in, game out and will treat you like family. They want to hear your input. They want to be there for you in the good times and the bad. It's always an entertaining experience whether they win or they lose, or if it's a draw. For your money and your time, it's an amazing experience. I've never had a negative experience there with anybody or anything. I would say to take the time and become part of the family. You'll be rewarded in return."

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