Moments of the Year: Black & Gold complete historic comeback in Philly

It's Tuesday, so that means we're up to the fourth-ranked moment from the season that was for the Black & Gold. Yesterday, we began the countdown with number five: Columbus' triumphant win at Red Bull Arena on October 19.

For number four, we'll turn the clocks back just one weekend to October 11 and revisit the Black & Gold's 3-2, thrilling comeback victory at Philadelphia. This win was perhaps the unlikeliest and also the most important of the season for the Crew in terms of qualifying for the 2014 MLS Cup Playoffs: given how the standings looked at the time, this was a clear inflection point in the season with a loss meaning a drastic difference in the postseason odds. To get a victory on the road at this point in the season was a gigantic swing in Columbus' favor.

Given that fact alone, this win could have found itself in the moments countdown, but when you consider how the win was achieved, it was a no-brainer. After falling behind 2-0 late in the second half, things looked bleak, but that all changed in four short minutes. Ethan Finlay scored in the 78th minute. Justin Meram followed suit in the 79th. And just when we all thought the miracle draw would be a fantastic result, Jairo Arrieta found the net in the 82nd minute to turn it into a win.

I remember watching this match and having trouble keeping up with documenting each goal as I live-tweeted them. It was a frenzy both on the pitch and at my laptop. Have a watch of each tally again:

When you combine the meaning of this win in the context of the season with the history that was made, it's clear that this is a win that Black & Gold fans will remember for years to come. The three goals were the three fastest in team history, and the comeback from being down 0-2 was the largest road reversal in club history as well.

Number three will be revealed tomorrow ... any guesses on what it will be?

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