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Post-match quotes: Crew SC vs. Chicago Fire


On what changed after Crew SC went up 2-0
I think the first goal, to concede that, was sloppy. I think it was uncharacteristic of our team to give up a goal like that. It virtually came out of nothing; a deflection and we weren’t tight enough in the box. Their player heads it in and 2-1 gave them a little bit of life. If I’m disappointed in one thing with this group it’s that we didn’t score the third goal, because it was there. It was there for the taking and we didn’t get it done.

On if Crew SC generated enough chances to get that third goal
Yes. I think there were opportunities that were opening up on the counter attack and we didn’t take advantage of that. Chicago threw everything at us, putting on virtually four or five forwards. We are very aggressive playing long and going for the second ball and they did a good job of creating pressure. But in that situation we need to make the 3-1 [goal].

On if the mentality was there to finish the game
In the last instance of the game [Chicago] scored, but I think that we were there. We were set up to score and [the goal was] one unfortunate play that we could have reacted a little bit better on.

On Crew SC’s opportunity to showcase what they can to on national television
At some point we did. I think there was some really nice football and some decent movements. Like I said, it was unfortunate that they got the 2-1 as quickly as they did because I think that we could have opened up that game a little bit if they didn’t. Credit them for coming back into the game, playing hard for all 90-plus minutes and we’ll get back to work.

On if this tie while playing at home feels more bitter for his players
They’re disappointed. Heads were down in the locker room. It’s normal. It was the 94th minute that we conceded a goal. You’re expecting three points at that stage and then you come out with one. Of course they’re disappointed.

On if mental lapses caused the goals in the game tonight
I wouldn’t pinpoint mental lapses being the cause for those two goals. Credit Chicago for having those dynamic players that can make plays like that but we have to get better defending in the penalty box. You have to locate guys, put bodies on guys and attack the ball. If you look in those two situations, there were runners that were free in the penalty box. I think that’s the biggest thing that we’re going to take out of this game. Like I said, we move forward.

On how Ethan Finlay being fouled and how he is doing
You know you’re not going to get me to comment on referee’s decisions, but good try. He’s hurt; his foot is hurt. We will have to get an assessment tomorrow and see how bad it is but he couldn’t continue on.

On Kevan George’s start and his role in tonight’s game
It was designed to be the same. We wanted him to take care of [Shaun] Maloney in transition. That was a key element of our game plan but I thought he did well. It’s not easy, they put a lot of pressure on us towards the end and he was doing okay.

On what you do to get better defensively
You keep working. We’re not happy with that [performance] and we’re not happy conceding two goals in [each of] the last four games. We want to improve.

On if there is an area that needs improvement defensively
Defending is a team game. Any goal that happens starts somewhere and you want to be able to pinpoint that. We’re looking at team defending.

On what Kei Kamara brought to tonight’s game
Good movement. He was good. He held the ball up. Kei is doing really well. He gets on the end of stuff and I thought he could have had three if he was a little bit luckier in a couple situations in the first half getting behind their line. He’s good; he’s a handful.

On his decision to start Chris Klute in tonight’s game
Well, first of all, Hector, for medical reasons, wasn’t able to take part in this game. It made our choice [to be] between Chad [Barson] and Chris [Klute]. We felt like with David Accam and his speed, we thought Chris would be a good matchup. I think defensively in 1v1 duels, for the most part, Chris handled himself very well. Towards the end I think he got a little bit fatigued but for the most part he was strong against David Accam.



On the Chicago Fire’s pressure
I thought they were pretty good with their tactical plan but we played through it. We scored two goals. [It is] obviously disappointing to give up two for the draw.

On the draw and earning one point at home
I mean, obviously there is disappointment in the room but that will fade away and you have to keep plugging away, keep getting better.

On giving up two goals in the last four games
I mean, I think we’re close. The small margins are everything. We didn’t get those today so we have to keep moving.

On changes within the defense
We’re just growing. There’s room for improvement, which is nice, so we’re going to continue to work on that every single day.



On what he will take out of the tough loss tonight
It’s tough; it was a slow game from the start. Then again, we were able to go two goals up, we had to come out of it with three points and we came out with one. It is going to be a [crummy] week of practice and that’s what I’m thinking about.

On what changed after the Crew SC scored its two goals
The plan was to go up and get another goal, then get another goal after that. It didn’t work so well and we got some funky goals that they scored and we just let those two points slide away from us. It’s going to be a tough week, just to think about that that could’ve been full three points.

On how Crew SC bounces back after the loss:
It is going to be mostly mental … hopefully we can just go into training and find a way to pump ourselves up. A few of the guys are good at that and to get our mentality back right. We need three points soon.

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