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Sirk's Notebook: Ten Votes for Twenty Edition

As the 20th season in Columbus Crew SC history hits the stretch run, the club is looking to celebrate “The Top Twenty Moments in Black & Gold.” This week, you will get to have your say.

The ballot consists of 40 moments, which are a mixture of team achievements, individual awards, memorable games, outstanding performances, and even a few off the field things too. The list is far from complete, and every person has games or moments that are intensely important to them, so there are write-in options as well.

The idea is to vote for ten moments that were important to YOU. It can be something big or seemingly insignificant. If the latter, write it in anyway. It’s about YOU. I’d love to see the write-ins because all of our experiences are different and it could bring back memories or shed some new light on something I had never considered. So my one piece of advice is to vote how you feel. Don’t worry about conforming to some big picture view of the top moments in Crew SC history. The big picture will sort itself out through the volume of the responses, so only think about what matters to YOU.

To that end, I have already turned in my media vote. As you can see, some of my votes are personal in nature. I wasn’t trying to guess the final top ten. I just voted how I felt.

In this edition of Sirk’s Notebook, I will explain my ten votes. I’m not explaining them in order to campaign for them or to convince others that they need to vote the way I did. I’m explaining my votes because it’s something fun to write about, plus you can see how my own thought process underscores that this is a personal decision. Some of these are certainly locks to finish near the top of the voting, while others may not even crack the final Top Twenty. But they are mine.

For the purposes of this Notebook, I am listing them in chronological order. Asking me to rank them from 1-10 would have taken weeks of sleepless deliberation.

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