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Nominate your favorite Crew SC player on social media for the #MLSSoshies

Major League Soccer is launching its first-ever social media awards, the #MLSSoshies.

The year-end extravaganza recognizes exceptional performance on social media by MLS players, and you have the chance to nominate your favorite social media personality in Black & Gold. 

Using the hashtag #MLSSoshies to nominate your favorite Crew SC players in five categories:

1) Most Social Player

Whether they’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, MySpace or all of the above, they’re just killin’ it. They’re experts with apps, filters, RTs, and are always up for sharing socially.

2) Let Me Take a #Selfie

Extend the arm. Get the look. Snap a pic. These guys are pros at the art of self-capture.

3) The Bigger Picture

There’s a whole wide world outside of soccer (we know, gasp!) and these players are capturing life beyond the pitch in the most unique ways.

4) Family Matters

Whether it's their wife, partner, kids, or pets, these players know that family is important, and they capture those quirky, cute, and downright lovable special moments with expertise.

5) #BFFs

Like a buddy-cop movie, they’ve got a partner that always shows up at the right place and the right time (when the camera clicks, obviously). Perfect pairs. Troublesome trios. Let the shenanigans ensue.

Start nominating Crew SC players now in all five categories using #MLSSoshies on social media. Nominations will close on Friday, Nov. 27, and finalists and the brackets will be revealed during the week after MLS Cup 2015. 

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