Gregg Berhalter vs. LA 6-13-15
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Post-match quotes: Crew SC at LA Galaxy


On his team falling apart late in Saturday night’s game:
“I wouldn’t say falls apart. I would say this game was going to be decided by something special. And that was Baggio’s goal. It was a wonderful shot and that’s what this game was about today; something special decided it.”

On the substitution for Gaston Sauro:
“Gaston, due to medical reasons, was only allowed to play 45 minutes. So our choice was to play him 45 minutes and to adjust after that. We’re obviously thin with only 17 bodies on the roster today, no central midfielders. So we had to adapt. I don’t think that’s the reason why we didn’t win this game. We had enough chances. Our intentions were very good. We wanted to dominate the game, we wanted to put our stamp on the game and I feel that we did that.”

On what he was happy with in Saturday night’s game:
“I don’t want to make excuses for who was on the field. I don’t think that’s fair to the group. We put 11 guys on the field that we felt could get the job done. And we came up a little short. I’m still proud of the way we worked. I’m proud of the way we coached the game and I’m proud we didn’t give up when we went down 2-0. We didn’t give up and we kept going.”

On what the key to keeping playoff hopes alive is as the season winds down:
“The key is going to be winning games.”


On tonight's game:
“Going 2 down on the road is tough but in MLS I have seen some crazy games and you can't lose hope. Earlier this year I think Orlando is down 2-0 and they scored two goals in stoppage time so that is what I was thinking when I went in and we almost did.”

On trying to claim a playoff spot:
“It's just getting results and getting results on the road,  I think we only have three home games so we are going to have to find a way to win on the road, I think we will. It's going to be tough, we are going to have to grind out some results.”

On missing a couple of key players:
“I mean they are definitely big, we lost four starters. I think the guys that slid in did a good job too and it's just hard to come into the team and have the same chemistry. I thought for the most part we didn't miss too many steps that way but any time a team changes that much it's just going to be a little different.”

On scoring a goal tonight:
“It does help my confidence scoring a goal tonight but my attitude hasn't changed the whole time it's just get in work as hard as I can and make something happen. So far so good but hopefully we will get into some games where we are up and we are protecting the lead instead of down and needing a goal.”


On tonight's game:
“Good first half. The second half we lost a little bit, maybe the patience. They scored a very nice goal. It's always going to be difficult conceding a goal against LA but it was a very nice goal and that is what it had to take to beat us today.”

On missing a couple of key players:
“That's what is going to happen in a team during a season. You are always going to lose guys whether it's internationals, injuries and stuff like that. You just have to be ready to step up and try to do the best you can to help the team.”

On what the team has to do next:
“Try to win. I mean we haven't given up and I think we showed it today, we still got a goal we just have to keep it up. Time is running out but have to keep our heads high and try to win all the games.”


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