Best Dressed

VOTE | Is Gregg the best dressed coach in MLS?

The voters have spoken. During the "play-in round" of this year's Best-Dressed MLS Coach bracket, we had to eliminate six coaches to get to the Round of 16. Reigning champ Caleb Porter, head coach of the Portland Timbers, lives to defend his title in this round -- but he's got some tough competition.

Check out the bracket below and vote. Voting for this round stays open through 3 pm ET, Wed., Oct. 4. The quarterfinals will then last from then until 3 pm ET Thurs., Oct. 5, and the semifinals from then until 3 pm ET Fri., Oct. 6. We'll let the two survivors in the finals duke it out over the weekend through midnight ET on Sunday/technically Monday morning.

The winner gets, uh ... bragging rights. So who do you think is winning the touchline style game this season? Vote now.


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