By the numbers - step challenge

BY THE NUMBERS | Standout figures from the 30-Day Step Challenge

Most of the time, you are here to read or watch content about the Club and its players.

This time, however, it is literally all about you, as nearly 1,000 supporters across multiple states and countries logged on to share more than just a simple step count, whether it be logging in for team meetings on Zoom, or expressing some inspirational banter on Twitter.

There will be more opportunities for Black & Gold supporters to come together in the future, but for the time being, we wanted to share a few eye-popping step-related statistics from the month-long adventure.

  • The top three steppers alone accounted for nearly 2.5 million steps, led by #TeamDante's Timothy Jansen's 904,636 steps, which roughly translates to almost 452 miles. Imagine running around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway nearly 181 times, to put that in perspective. Also, shoutout to #TeamJacsen's Michael Browning (796,501 steps) and Marcus Borton (774,323 steps) for finishing second and third, respectively.
  • In TOTAL, the Step Challenge featured 152,235,651 steps logged among 940 participants! Our pollsters are saying there were likely even more steps (wink, wink at those who forgot to log their steps), but we'll have to wait till next time to get a fuller picture.
  • Those 152-million steps equate to ... (drum roll)
    .......over 76,000 miles! That's enough to make it around the Earth over three times, or over 70 times around the moon.
  • It's hard to even imagine this, but the person with the highest single-day step count topped out at 60,073 steps. In other words, a cool 30-mile day, roughly speaking.
  • Lastly, April 25th was an important date. That Saturday alone, we logged a total of 6,074,705 steps, or 3,037 miles. That's essentially the distance between Boston and San Francisco.

So, albeit solitary in a literal sense, it was a fun experience to come together and we hope to see you join us for more initiatives in the future.

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