Pups at the Pitch header

Bring your canine to the match!

Crew SC is hosting Pups at the Pitch. For only $35 you and your 4-legged friend can get a General Admission ticket in the lower sideline to watch Crew SC take on the Chicago Fire on Saturday, May 12, at 7:30 p.m.

Prior to Kick Off you and your dog will have access to a designated dog park at MAPFRE Stadium.

Things to Know:

  • For package purchases (Dog Owner & Dog), your Dog Owner ticket will be added to your Crew SC portal and the dog ticket will be available at Gate 7 on the Day of the match. All Add On Only tickets (Owner or Dog) will be available on your Crew SC portal. Please remember that all dogs must enter at Gate 7.
  • Seats are located in sections 120-121. These sections will be General Admission.
  • Each dog and human is required to have its own ticket. 
  • Non-retractable leashes are mandatory (dogs must be leashed at MAPFRE Stadium)
  • No more than 1 dog per person
  • Prior to entrance, you are required to sign a waiver stating that your dog's vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian are current. To expedite this process, you may print and sign the waiver at the link below to bring with you and have ready upon entering the venue. This waiver holds you (the owner) liable in the event of an incident. We recommend you contact your veterinarian regarding other vaccinations that may suit your dog's needs. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO BRING YOUR DOG TO PUPS AT THE PITCH.
  • Dogs will be restricted to a Dog friendly zone at MAPFRE Stadium. Dog friendly zone will include the MAPFRE Stadium Dog park, restrooms for dog owners, concession stands and General Admission sections in the Lower Sideline to watch the Crew SC match. 
  • Crew SC reserves the right to deny any dog or human entrance to MAPFRE Stadium and the Pups at the Pitch event for any reason Crew SC may see fit. Participants are expected to practice responsible pet ownership.
  • Please come prepared to clean up after your dog.
  • Ticket packages include Human and Dog Package for $35, Human add on ticket for $30 and Dog add on ticket (owner must already have a match ticket) for $10.

Pups at the Pitch Waiver form (must be filled prior to entry on match day)