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Update: September 2, 2020

Columbus Crew SC to play Sunday, September 6's match at MAPFRE Stadium with a limited number of fans in attendance, the Club announced Thursday. 

2020 Season Tickets

 What are the options available to Season Ticket Members if a very limited number of fans are allowed?
  • Option #1: Re-select seats in the socially-distanced capacity stadium for available matches
  • Option #2: Keep your money on account to use for future 2020 or 2021 Crew matches.
 What is the process for selecting my seats for the 2020 season if fans are allowed?

For any match in which we receive full approval to host fans in a limited capacity, Columbus Crew SC will send an email to Season Ticket Members providing and updates plan on how to purchase new seats in the socially-distanced stadium. Priority of access will be based on tenure, and inventory will be limited and based on availability. Distribution of future tickets for phase 2 is still to be determined.

 Do I have to attend games for which fans are permitted?

No, you may choose to not select any 2020 games. You will not lose any season ticket member status, new stadium priority or access based on this selection.

 If I don’t select games in Phase 1 (if available), could I still get offers for Phase 2?

Yes. We realize that situations and decisions may change over time. You may receive additional offers throughout this process based on availability and demand.

 What will my options be for Phase 2 of games?

Phase 2 is still undetermined. We will communicate these plans once more details are finalized.

 Can I use the credit on my account to purchase 2020 matches?

Yes, you can use any of the original money you paid for your 2020 season ticket package for 2020 regular season matches. All additional money will carry over to the 2021 season.

 What happens to any tickets that have been resold or transferred?

You will continue to have access to resell and transfer your digital tickets. Any tickets already sold or transferred will no longer be valid for entry.

 What If I have more questions?

Please contact a dedicated member of our Membership Service Team at 614-447-2739 ext. 1 or or visit for more details.

2020 Season Ticket Benefits & Experience

 What Season Ticket benefits will I still receive in 2020?

Season Ticket Members will still receive their 10% off at the Crew Gear Store and Purchase Priority for Special Events held at MAPFRE Stadium (including MLS Cup Playoffs), regardless of selection for any available 2020 matches.

 If I decide not to purchase tickets, how will my benefits be impacted?

Your benefits will not be impacted if you choose not to attend games in 2020.

 How will I receive my tickets?

All tickets for the 2020 season will be mobile tickets. There will be no paper tickets moving forward. To learn more about mobile ticketing please visit our website at

 Common questions about single-match and group tickets

Single-Match Tickets: Season Ticket Members can purchase up to nine (9) tickets over the course of the season at their special discounted rate. All purchases at the special discounted rate must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on the day before the match. All tickets sold on match day are at the Day of Game Price. To discuss pricing and available locations, please contact your Membership Specialist or the Membership Team at 614-447-2739 ext 3.

Groups: If your group requires 20 or more tickets, you will receive a special group rate. These tickets will not count against your Season Ticket Member allotment of discounted single match tickets. Group purchases cannot be combined with Ticket Exchange or the Season Ticket Member discounted single match pricing (ie, one cannot buy 9 tickets at the Season Ticket Member rate and then 11 more at the group rate). Please contact your Membership Specialist to set up your group for 2019!

 How do I refer a friend?

For more information on how to get your friends involved, please contact your Membership Specialist or the Membership Team at 614-447-2739 ext 3.

 What if Crew SC makes the MLS Cup Playoffs?

Season Ticket Members have the privilege of purchasing their seats for all home Crew SC playoff matches. Further details regarding the purchase process will be distributed at a later date.

 Why am I not receiving Season Ticket Member e-mails from Crew SC?

E-mail is the most efficient and effective method of distributing information that is relevant to your Season Ticket Member experience. If you are not getting e-mails from us, then you are likely not receiving information regarding presales, match days, special member events, and more in a timely manner.

The most common reason for Season Ticket Members not receiving e-mail correspondence from Crew SC is that we do not have your most up-to-date e-mail address on your account. This can be fixed simply by contacting your Membership Specialist to have your account updated.

Furthermore, if you have ever unsubscribed from any Columbus Crew SC or Major League Soccer e-mail list, then you have likely unsubscribed from our Season Ticket Member list. The league and club databases are linked, so when you unsubscribe from one, you unsubscribe from all of the e-mail lists. If this is the case, please contact your Membership Specialist so we can work with our Database Manager to get you re-subscribed.

 How do I request S.C. or submit a donation request to Crew SC?

Bring some added fun and excitement to your next event with the addition S.C. For more information on having S.C. attend your next event, click here.

Crew SC is happy to consider donating tickets to non-profit organizations. For more information on requesting a donation, click here. Please remember that requests must be received no later than six (6) weeks prior to the deadline for donation.

 How do I make a donation to the Crew SC Soccer Foundation?

Crew SC is very active in developing programs to improve the lives of the youth in our community. To donate, click here.

 How do I get a message on the scoreboard?

We are happy to put your Happy Birthday or Congratulations message on the scoreboard during a Crew SC match. All we ask for is a minimum $25 donation to the Crew SC Foundation. Please call 614-447-2739 for more information.