Front Office

Administrative Offices

MAPFRE Stadium
1 Black & Gold Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43211
Phone: (614) 447.2739
Fax: (614) 447.4109

EAS Training Center at Obetz

4153 Alum Creek Dr.
Obetz, OH 43207
Fax: (614) 447-4130

Team Officials

Investor-Operator and Chairman: Anthony Precourt
President, Precourt Sports Ventures: Dave Greeley
President of Business Operations: Andy Loughnane

Team Staff
Sporting Director & Head Coach Gregg Berhalter
Director of Soccer Operations Asher Mendelsohn
Assistant Coach Sixten Boström
Assistant Coach  Pat Onstad
Assistant Coach Josh Wolff
High Performance Director Steve Tashjian
Strength and Conditioning Coach Brook Hamilton
Director of Team Operations Tucker Walther
Equipment Manager John Velasco
Team Operations Assistant Ron Meadors
Head Athletic Trainer Craig Devine
Assistant Athletic Trainer Jon MacGregor
Medical Staff
Team Doctors Pete Edwards, M.D., Scott Johnson, M.D., Thomas Hospel, M.D.
Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Corbin
Massage Therapist Janet Diebley
Crew SC Academy & Player Development
Sr. Director, Player Development Jeremy Parkins
Director of Methodology Nico Estevez
Player Development, Director of Operations Jeff Warren
Director of Coaching James Field
Director of Coaching - West Nick Wagner
Player Development, Retail Manager Kelly Mock
Camp Coordinator Ryan Brooks
Administrative / Finance
Vice President, Finance and Business Planning Lori McKirnan
Human Resources Manager Sara Frank
Accounting Manager Erin Ryan
Staff Accountant Angie Wigton
Executive Assistant Chelsea Castillo
Corporate Partnerships
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Chris Previte
Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships Paul Howard
Director of Corporate Partnerships Peter Duggan
Business Development Manager Phil Goldfarb
Partnership Marketing Coordinator Kayla Froelich
Partnership Marketing Coordinator Mandi Herman
Marketing and Communications
Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications Arica Kress
Director of Marketing and Advertising  Megan Kingston
Director of Communications Tim Miller
Communications Manager Ryan Schwepfinger
Senior Manager, Community Relations & Foundation Colt Berry
Community Relations & Foundation Coordinator Michelle Brueggeman
Grassroots Marketing Manager  Sean Williams
Brand Ambassador Frankie Hejduk
Broadcast Talent
Host, Time Warner Cable SportsChannel/CD102.5 FM Dwight Burgess
Host, Time Warner Cable SportsChannel/CD102.5 FM Neil Sika
Sideline Reporter, Time Warner Cable SportsChannel/CD102.5 FM Ashleigh Ignelzi
Studio Host, Time Warner Cable SportsChannel/CD102.5 FM Chris Doran
Spanish Radio Play-by-Play, 103.1 La Mega Juan Valladares
Brand Development
Sr. Brand Director Will Bennett
Graphic Designer Eric Sinicki
Video Content Producer Skyler Schmitt
Digital Director Christian Taske
Brand Journalist Alex Stec

Ticket Operations

Senior Manager, Ticket Operations Michelle Silm
Ticket Operations Coordinator Jeff Kravetz
Stadium Operations
Director of Stadium Operations and Merchandise Dan Lolli
Stadium Operations Manager Meredith Ley
Director of Facilities Jordan Enke
Facilities Coordinator Josh Fox
Maintenance Coordinator Corey German
Maintenance Coordinator Ryan Martin
Director of Grounds Weston Appelfeller
Assistant Director of Grounds Ben Jackson
Assistant Groundskeeper Andrew Northeim
Ticket Sales and Service
Vice President, Sales and Marketing Clark Beacom
Director of Premium Sales and Service Adam Carney
Client Services Manager Madeline Davis
Client Services Coordinator Alexandra Couch
Client Services Coordinator Ashley Webb
First Impressions Coordinator Lauren Pioli
Database Marketing Coordinator Harrison Kim
Director of Season and Group Sales Avin Assomull
Group Sales Manager Nick White
Account Executive, Group Sales Katie Honigford
Account Executive, Group Sales Tyler Peeler
Account Executive, Group Sales Katherine Wren
Season Sales Manager JP Lococo
Sr. Account Executive, Season Tickets Anthony Gady
Account Executive, Season Tickets Andrew Evans
Account Executive, Season Tickets Greg Horak
Account Executive, Season Tickets David Carrasco
Account Executive, Season Tickets Nick Abdelahad
Account Executive, Season Tickets Thomas O’Farrell
Outside Sales Manager Andrew Flynn
Ticket Sales Representative Philippe Chauveau
Ticket Sales Representative Alan Belden Enkerlin
Ticket Sales Representative Jon Golab
Ticket Sales Representative John Rosen
Ticket Sales Representative Heather Lind
Ticket Sales Representative Seth Martin
Ticket Sales Representative AJ Henwood
Ticket Sales Representative Patrick Crace
Ticket Sales Representative Carl Allen
Ticket Sales Representative Victoria Hookman
Ticket Sales Representative Nicole Moziejko
Ticket Sales Representative Hannah Stewart
Ticket Sales Representative Joe Poff
Ticket Sales Representative Brandon Blackwelder
Levy Restaurants – Food & Beverage and Merchandise
Director of Operations Scott Gustafson
Catering Manager Kristin Weiss
Senior Suites Manager Rochelle Mocas
GM of Concessions Kristin Lamos
Senior Retail Manager Brett Fischer
Retail Manager Hannah Jezewski
Executive Sous Chef Erin Stevens