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Crew Mail: 4/6/12

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I've noticed the referee on the field seems to be wearing an earpiece with a microphone attached to it. Who is the referee talking to or listening to?

- Paul N.

All four officials wear headsets during the match. It is my understanding that they use the system to communicate with each other regarding controversial matters and timing issues. I hope that helps, Paul!

With all the other stadium/gameday experience improvements, has there been consideration about getting a new improved scoreboard with a better/larger video board?  Possibly even one with a video board on both sides so fans entering the stadium can see video upon walking towards the gates?  Are there any other gameday improvements in the works now?

- Adam K.

There is a long list of improvements the Crew front office wants to accomplish in the coming seasons. A new videoboard/scoreboard is on that list, but there is nothing currently in the works at the moment.

As far as other gameday improvements, there are things being discussed that are being kept under wraps for now. It has been widely publicized that Flogging Molly will play after the May 26 match against the Chicago Fire. Also, this year's "Red, White, and Crew" fireworks display on June 30 will be choreographed to music.

We heard that Mark McCullers was talking to Frankie Hedjuk about coming back to the Crew in some type of Front Office position similar to Duncan.  Is this true?  If so, how is that conversation going?  He would be a great inspiration for the guys and a huge link for the fans.

- Michael and Rosemary C.

In his live chat on back on March 18, McCullers noted that he and Hejduk have had initial conversations regarding a role in the front office. Hejduk was in attendance at First Kick against Montreal, but there is nothing more to report regarding a position in the front office at this time than what Mark McCullers said in the live chat last month.

I have a few questions:

1-In 2011, the Crew tied both games against New York, how will the team chance to get the win this year?
2-If you had the decision to pick any Designated Player in the league, who would you want on your team and why?
3-Anyway I could get a Williams #3 jersey? :)

It was a great idea to partner up with FSN Ohio since I live up in Akron!

Antoine F.


1- The backline and goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum have stepped up to record back-to-back shutouts against Montreal and Toronto. They will need to continue that form if they hope to stop the Red Bulls, who lead MLS with ten goals. If the defense can play like it did against the Impact and TFC, and Milovan Mirosevic and others can create chances offensively, then the Crew will have a shot at getting three points at home on Saturday.

2-(Strictly my opinion)- If I'm a GM and I could take any DP, it would really depend on what my organization is looking for. If my team needs defense, I'd go with Torsten Frings (when healthy) or maybe Rafa Marquez. If I want to sell tickets and a dead ball specialist, I would go with David Beckham. If I want a playmaker, I'd pick Landon Donovan, David Ferreira (again, when healthy) or Dwayne DeRosario (who makes DP money, but doesn't take up one of D.C. United's DP slots via use of allocation money).  If my team needs a goal scorer, I would take a look at Thierry Henry, Eric Hassli, or Robbie Keane. It all just depends on what how the DP would fit in with the rest of the squad.

Although, if none of the above mattered, I'd go with the 2008 version of Guillermo Barros Schelotto. It's pretty hard not to.

3- Customizable Crew jerseys are available on

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