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Post-match quotes: Crew at Montreal Impact

Columbus Crew


General impressions on the game...

We gave what we thought we had in the first half and I thought we were playing very well defensively and turned over a couple of half chances. Then the restart goal came where Montreal took advantage of the corner and we clawed our way back in at the close of the half. I think Lampson made a good save to keep us at 1-0 at the end of the first half. Then we came out in the second half with the same spirit but with a little bit more commitment. We were able to get that restart goal as they had done with us and then turned over the game in the middle of the second half. To our credit, our guys fought and held on.

How did Chad’s goal change the momentum in the game...

I think it’s always difficult when you are not doing well in the standings and every little mistake counts. Finally Chad was able to score a restart goal and that was uplifting to our guys and I think it tipped the game for us.

How difficult was it putting up a lineup today with all the injuries on your team..

It’s never easy, that’s why you have 30 guys on your roster and you rely on guys to fill the holes when your regular guys are out. We’ve asked guys to fill in roles and play different spots and to their credit, the guys have stood up to the test for the most part when we’ve asked them to go in there.


General impressions on the game..

I thought we played well. We came out really good and dominated for the first 20 minutes. They came out with a goal in the first half but we countered very well and played strong in the second half. We stayed compact and overall we did very well.

On scoring his tenth goal after a long scoring break...

Personally, I would give my goal to anyone in the team to get those three points. That’s exactly what we needed. I wouldn’t say this goal got a monkey off my chest, but something like that. Higuain sent me a great ball that I was able to put in the net so I’m happy I scored but I’m more grateful that we got three points on the road.


General Impressions on the game...

It was a grind for sure. It was a very well fought game against a very good team so to get three points here was huge.

How did it feel to score your first goal...

It felt great, I hadn’t scored prior this season, so it was obviously nice to get us back in the game especially since I had a part in their goal with a miss communication with Matt. So it felt good to get us even. 

Montreal Impact


General Impressions on the game...

Definitely Columbus is our nemesis. We haven’t won against them yet and I think if we would have been able to get that second goal we would have won, but we couldn’t get it.

Do you think Columbus gave in, in the first half to concentrate their energy in the second…

I don’t know what the strategy was for the other coach but I think we played well in the first half. We pushed and had a lot of opportunities, if we would have gotten that second goal, I think we could have won it. Then when they scored their first goal, it shook us and in the second half our play was still very solid. We weren’t missing much, but then again there are days like that.

Do you think some players on the field weren’t giving it their all...

I don’t think so. That is your opinion but I coach a team that is playing very well and they were giving it their all until the equalizer. Afterwards, moments like that can happen because it isn’t easy but I didn’t have any players that didn’t want to play today.


General Impressions on the game...

I thought we played very well in the first half and that we were deserving of the lead. We came out in the second half and it wasn’t perfect. Ideally it would be, but at 1-0 we still created some chances that we didn’t score on. Unfortunately, we let them back into the game on a set piece. We were conscious that we had to be careful on these set pieces since they are very good with them.

Did you feel the Crew was hungrier for the win in the second half...

When they got the goal, you could see that their confidence came back up. Then they went and got the second goal and they are in a position where they need the points since they are fighting for a place in the playoffs. So after the second goal it was harder for us to get back up.


General Impressions on the game...

We had a good first half. We had a lot of chances and we controlled the game well from the first ten minutes on.  Columbus is a hard team for us to play against, so it was no surprise for us tonight that the game was hard.

How do you explain such a result against Columbus…

I wouldn’t be able to explain. There are some teams that are harder to beat and Columbus is one of those teams that we have a hard time against. Every time it’s always a hard battle.